BORUCH HASHEM: AG Rules That No Autopsy Is Necessary In Case Of Toddler Found Suffocated In Modi’in Ilit


AG Zimmerman ruled in the last minutes that the body of the toddler who was suffocated yesterday in Modi’in Ilit would not undergo an autopsy.

This decision came as demonstrations began over the possibility that the court would dissect the baby’s body at the request of the State Prosecutor’s Office.


Shimon Chaim Moskowitz from Modi’in Ilit died after apparently choking on food at a caretaker’s home on Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi Street yesterday.

For more than 24 hours, the State Prosecutor’s Office delayed the release of the body, claiming that they wanted to rule out suspicion of criminal activity.

Today the judge ordered the release of the body without an autopsy.



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