Boruch Dayan Ha’emes: Body of Nine-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky Hy”d Found


candle-small5Pinned: 5:22 a.m. EST: Breaking News: Updated: We regret to inform you that the body of nine-year-old Leiby Kletzky’s body has been found. Police had been searching a dumpster along 20th Street and 4th Avenue after receiving a tip that information linked to Leiby’s disappearance could be found there.

This discovery followed an arrest, made by NYPD and FBI agents in the Kensington area, in the vicinity of Avenue C and East 2nd Street. A home was stormed just before 4 a.m. and an arrest was made by law enforcement officials who followed tips and a trace of surveillance camera footage from the location where the boy has last been seen.

The suspect, a 35-year-old man, was arrested, confessed to the NYPD, and told them where the body could be found.

Police received a tip about the person based on video released late Tuesday night and tracked it to the man in Kensington.  Investigators tracked down the suspect by tracing his credit-card purchases and through video surveillance footage. Police cordoned off the house where they found the man, at the intersection of East 2nd Street and Avenue C. At least two other people were also removed from the house.

The dismembered body of Leiby was found at two locations. Body parts stuffed in a suitcase – r”l – were found in a dumpster at 20th Street and Fourth Avenue and more remains were found at the suspect’s home two miles away.

The 35-year-old man is currently being held at the 67th Precinct.

State Assemblyman Dov Hikind called it “a very brutal murder.”

A witness said cops stormed the home on East 2nd Street between 3:30 and 4 a.m., and brought out a handcuffed man who had a small beard and was wearing a triangular cap. A gold car that may be the one Leiby was last seen entering was found at the home, and investigators were seen going over the vehicle inch by inch.

Leiby, as first reported here on, vanished Monday after getting lost while walking alone for the first time from the Boyaner Day Camp in Boro Park and then following a man down a busy street, sparking a desperate search that included the FBI.

He was last seen on surveillance video around 45th Street and Dahill Road walking behind a bearded man in a white shirt and dark pants.

“The boy is standing alone at some point. The male crosses the street in his direction, and the boy follows him on Dahill Road,” said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne, adding that it’s unclear whether the pair exchanged words.

Leiby is a son of Rabbi and Mrs. Nachman Kletzky.

Authorities say the boy was videoed walking alone from the day camp at 44th Street near 12th Avenue at 4:50 p.m. Monday after returning from a class trip to Manhattan Beach Park.

Leibby – who usually takes the bus – was allowed to leave camp on foot so he could meet his father and mother just seven blocks away, where they had a doctor’s appointment.

He had begged his parents to let him walk home that day. They had given him a note, saying he would not be taking the bus.

The couple even took special pains to repeatedly go over Leiby’s walking route with him, a pal said. He had instructions to walk up 44th Street to 13th Avenue and then turn right on 13th Avenue and walk straight across to 50th Street.

Surveillance shows the boy walking out the front door on 44th Street toward 13th Avenue, as instructed, but instead of turning right toward the meeting spot, he kept going.

Video footage from the locksmith shop shows him on that corner at around 5:20 p.m. The last known footage of him with the man was recorded between 5:30 and 5:45 p.m.

His parents waited until 7 p.m. before contacting the Shomrim. Shomrim contacted the NYPD at 8 p.m. Monday.

Officers and search dogs, aided by the scent of Leiby’s personal belongings – including of his black leather shoes – flooded the school looking for clues. An estimated 3,000 volunteers – including busloads from Monsey, Lakewood, and elsewhere – joined the search.

At this painful time, we express our heartfelt condolences to the family.  We join the thousands of Yidden who exhibited immense care by searching, saying Tehillim, or learning in expressing our pain and sadness. Misaskim is at the scene and is involved in the kevurah arrangements and levaya preparations. will keep readers informed as more information can be made available to general public.

{T. Silber/Noam Newscenter/NY Post}


  1. Very bad day for all of Klal Yisroel, perhaps we can ALL take upon our self’s to stop talking during Davaning no matter where we are, in order to prevent future….. Chas VeSholom

  2. Its shocking so scary so close to home, the evil thug evil, sub human, low life, thug should be thrown to hungry lions or dogs and his body should be dumped next to Osama Ben Ladins

  3. Hashem I ask you that this tragic incident should be the “last wake up call” before Moshiach comes.

    It’s Obvious that HAKODOSH Leiby Kletzky ZT”L was brought to this world to wake US up, lets take this very seriously and return to the true Torah way of life, lets get closer to Hashem, lets learn at least the Kitzur and keep all of the Halochos, pray and cry with me asking Hashem for the Geualah.

  4. I for one feel guilty maybe I didn’t say enough thilim. But come on so much outpouring of care and love and concern by our nation for one pure nishumu, from all over the world. Yiden in America and in Eretz Yisroel and Europe is defintely a good sign to Hashem that his people are glorifying his name, and care for one another, no other nation would do such a thing for one another. Bus loads of yiden travelled from Monsey, Lakewood, the Catskills and other places. And the outpouring of tfilis, jews were giving money to tsduku, refraining from speaking lushin huru, doing extra mitzvas is trully unique. Please Hashem notice these and in these Zchusim send us no more grief.

  5. I have been following this news from Europe, Bosnia to be exact, and my heart is in pain. I have a little one and I would defend her with my last ounce of strength. Oh my GOD, what are we doing…where are we going as a society…why are we so bloodthirsty. I know that his mother and father will never recover and grief will envelop their hearts forever. I pray to my God, that they find peace and solace in their God, which is also my God, and carry on for the sake of their children. Rest in heaven little angel. Rest peacefully in heaven. I will pray for you and your family.

  6. This is absolutely terrible. I feel a sense of loss so great I have no way to describe it. The poor parents….. Hashem, not our innocent children!! Not our babies!! Don’t take your anger on Am Yisrael out on them, take it out on us adults who do not do your will, not on them, I beg you!!! Baruch Dayan Haemet.

  7. this is the most horrific story i rememeber in my entire life. i never ever experienced such a story where such a thing was done tot a frum boy. What is there toi say?

  8. To comment # 8What do you say now? Now that we know the police arrested someone .Should the person get the same sentence?

  9. i am speechless,shaken to the core and sick to my stomach. our tefillos did not go to waste,it helped find the little neshume so he can be brought to his final resting place. i cant imagine the horror and fear he faced knowing he will be gone from his family forever. only hashem knows why klal yisroel and his family needs to go through this gutwrenching heartbreak. this heartless monster murdered a heilige neshume and it kills him inside knowing how we all united to find him. uvini shebashumayim…help his parents and family find a nechama…give them strength to go on…comfort them…help them get through this…they need are the only one that we turn to for help. you are our father and you love us but we cant take this pain!! hamokem yenachem eschem, baruch dayan huemes…may the family and klal yisroel only have simcha. all of us need to hug our children a little tighter today and tell them we love them. to all of you that did all you could….only hashem can repay your for your devotion,heart,tefillos,time and mone

  10. May Hashem have Rachmanus on all of us. We are all your children. May the tremendous achdus that was shown in trying to find on e of the Abishter’s kinnd, be a shmirah for all of Kllal Yisroel. As an aside, I was very troubled when my 9 year old son came home from Day Camp with these papers asking them to go street collecting for Chai Lifeline!

  11. Horrible. Baruch Dayan HaEmes.
    At the same time, whatever news may develop, everyone please make sure your kids how to act with strangers.

  12. Boruch Dayan HaEmes! Ad Mosai! Our pain is overwhelming!

    Parents…warn your children!!!
    Do not go with anyone, even if he looks like a frume yid – as this man appeared. Unfortunately, there are terrible sickos out there!
    Hashem should protect us all!

  13. This is an outgrowth of the perversion and vulgarity which is so prevalent in human society.

    Rest in peace little angel.

    Kel nekamos hashem kel nekamos.

    May God erase all tears and sorrow.

  14. I am so shocked and saddened. Hashem, what is our reaction supposed to be to such a horrible, horrible tragedy?

    are saying the reason why chidren are walking home instead of going by bus
    because its hot to be on bus for hour
    let’s fix the problem
    we have to demend every day camp
    must put in AIR CONDITION on bus
    or buy new ones

  16. unfortunately this monster will have to be supported by taxpayer money. I say after the trial set him free right into the hands of the family and their friends and let them take justice into their own hands.

  17. Parents please, please watch your children! I have seen little children as young as 2&3 outside alone playing in the streets going around the corner by themselves. It takes only a second for a predator\molestor to take a child.

  18. Terrible. From the footage of the video the way the kid is running after this killer it seems that he knew him. There are alot of details that were not disclosed thus far.


  20. A family on my block let’s their 7 year old ride his bike all the way around the block by himself. Time to wake up.

  21. Please let the family know that all of klal israel is mourning with them.
    May this be the end of our tsarot. Please Hachem nulify all evil decrees on us and help us return to You so You can return to us.

  22. So sad. Heartbroken. Not blaming the parents at all, but as the father as an 8 yr old daughter I know they beg you to do things, they dont know the harm out there. When a parents intuition says otherwise we must hold strong against it. The parents were right not to let him walk. Hashem should send a nechama.

  23. We heard about it at our 6:45 minyan this morning. We were distraught. At our shiur, we sat there, faces white, unable to learn. We are numb.

    If anyone can offer words of chizuk, by all means do. I can’t function properly.

  24. Forget about telling children about strangers. Tell your children that only a Mommy or Tatty can decide if something is dangerous. They must never do anything or go anywhere unless their parents know about it and said it was O.K.
    But in truth only HKB”H can protect us and our children. The posuk does say that lack of Tznius will cause us to lose the Heavenly protection that we need so badly. Is it possible for us to join in achdus once more and each of us, men and women, take upon ourselves one small doable improvement in that area? Can someone come up with a comprehensive list of small takanos, one list for men, one for women, a list that would have something for every level of present tznius, so that e/o could pick s/t to work on.
    Hamokom yenacheim osum.. & May we hear only good tidings from now on.

  25. The suspect is unfortunately mibnei yisroel to our great disgrace! I’ve never in my life heard of such a sick act on a innocent pure nishumu! This so called bal tshuva should be given only treif in prison, don’t eat we dont really care! How dare a person never mind a yid do such a thing?

  26. #54 is correct.

    When C”V Jewish women dress immodestly and cause people to look at what they should not look at;

    the Shechinah runs away from Immodesty, and R”L we’re left without Hashem’s protection.

  27. I was on my way to get breakfast this morning, when I first learned of these horrific, tragic events. Forget about breakfast. Who can think of food in a time like this? I am so heartbroken and sad. What has this world come to? We think we live in this relatively safe enclave, away from all those sick, twisted people. Our children play outside, walk with friends. This is a wake up call!!! Ribono Shel Olam!!! We are in golus!!! and as long as we are here, we will never be safe!!!! Yidden!!!!!! lets get together in teshuva as a zchus for this little kadosh!! Lets do our part, so hashem can make us safe!! I pray that the parents and family have a nechama!! Baruch Dayan H’aemes!!!

  28. Suspect is a known child molester. When will we lock up these sick sick deranged individuals? (& stop hiding and redeeming others)

  29. the $150000.
    should go to put on every yeshiva bus AIR CONDITION
    to get children to want to go on bus
    all kids are walking home
    they can’t take the HEAT on BUS
    packed with 100 children
    yes &every bus should have music as well
    but AC is a must
    to get children to go by bus

  30. What a horrible, horrible time for Klal Yisroel.

    Yidden, please let’s try to learn something from this. It is not just “stranger danger”! More abductions are commited by people KNOWN or FAMILIAR to the victim.!

    We have to better educate our precious children to stay safe, even at the youngest of ages.

  31. BS”D

    Some of these suggestions suggest that we don’t get it. Its not about the air-cond. On buses. Its an extreme wake-up call to the INJUSTICE of how we at times treat each other. Its very nice – beautiful – that we ban together for emergencies, but what about worthy people who suffer and they too are LOST – due to circumstances beyond their control – do we all ban together for THAT or do we ignore them because its easier? Do we defend those that deserve our defense and suffered more than we ourselves can ever fathom and withstand – or do we just ignore them and their pain? Hashem wants to see true JUSTICE – Yashrus and ignoring those that are lost is INJUSTICE. That’s the true test of greatness and achdus not ignoring the worthy person who is suffering – suffering and suffering until its too late. I have seen the agony of gross injustice how a worthy yesoma suffers and it has gone on for years. If YOU think it was ignored by Hashem it wasn’t.
    In the Haftora for the Yamim Noraim we read how Hashem says “Do I need your fasting”? What Hashem wants to see is our treating each other well. Especially the Yesomim/s – esp. to ban together for their quality of life. Not to ignore injustice. Of course we will ban together to search for a little boy. That’s not NEARLY enough. You didn’t search for my friend and she suffers every day for no reason – because you didn’t care to find out why she is where she is today. How was she supposed to “make it” like YOU did under her circumstances? She is worthy yet YOU ignored the gross injustice and then are you reallly shocked that tragedy occurs?

  32. all day camps are happy not to have Air Cond. on bus
    like this a lot of kids walk
    because the can’t take heat
    please call your day camp NOW
    ask to put in Air cond.
    on bus
    with music
    to get kids to go by bus
    ask Dov Hikind or
    Dovid gereenfeld
    it has to become LAW
    every bus has to have AC

  33. If suspect is a known child molester, why was he not on a special list where police would check them out ASAP and maybe could have saved Leiby’s life.

  34. #54,#62 &63 are saying what it says in The Torah. We must surely watch are children, its our resposobility, but this was not the case here, precution was taken, it was a orginized crime. May Hasem be Menachem the Family, and all of Klall Yisroel.And we must do our part.L’Hashem Hayeshuah.
    This boy brought a great Kiddush Hashem – Vinikdashty –

  35. Boruch Dayan Ha’emes. It is too late for Leiby but L’zecher Nishmas Leiby we should enact a new “Leiby’s Law” whereby anyone who lays a finger on our precious children including members of a family or teachers in a school, etc. are punished by castration follwed by death penalty so they can meet their Maker and an after-life of pergatory. Leiby’s Law should make it impossible to keep these predators and their heinous acts hushed up or swept under the rug any longer because there are many “silent” korbonos in our midst who are too afraid to speak up.

  36. Wow. I just read comment 69 and this comment shows more depth than most of the other comments. She’s right. It’s not the air cond. Or even (only) enacting a new law.
    Hashem can avoid any precautions taken and tradgedy can still come, C”V.
    Hashem Yisborach most of these comments show that you DON’t get it. Don’t act like you REALLy care if you don’t care to get to the REAL cause of the issue.

  37. Wow. I just read comment 69 – Bina and this comment shows more depth than most of the other comments. She’s right. It’s not the air cond. Or even (only) enacting a new law.
    Hashem can avoid any precautions taken and tradgedy can still come, C”V.
    Hashem Yisborach most of these comments show that you DON’t get it. Don’t act like you REALLy care if you don’t care to get to the REAL cause of the issue.

  38. We must do teshuva. We must take it to heart. On the practical level, and on the ruchniyus level. Mo question that the satan has wormed his way into our clothing closets and numbed our sensitivities! Go out now and buy looser fitting clothing and throw out the shrunken, too tight garments that send away the Shechina. May the family be comforted by Hash-m as only He can.

  39. I agree with comment 69 and 75. Hashem can circumvent air-cond and new laws. WE NEED to GET TO THE ROOT- the CAUSE of the TRADGEDY. THAT SHOWS we REALLY care!!!

  40. Here are words of Chizuk: Moshiach, the Geulah will come if you care about the fact that “i-yashrus” ie injustice gets taken seriously.
    Do you care – ANY of you that my friend can’t function properly due to injustice?
    That this worthy Yesoma tried and tried and no one cared to truly help her?
    Stop ignoring injustice and Hashem guarantees the Geula.

  41. And now it’s arrived to us. After all the years of saying, “Mi k’amcha Yisroel” every time we hear about something like this on the news, now it’s happened to our own.

    Perhaps we have more basic problems than just internet use and smartphones. There is usually a social context to crime. One doesn’t do something unless one has already heard about it and accepted it as possible.

    A vort I once heard on Purim: Why do we send Shalach Manos to each other? Why this reaffirmatin of achdus? After all, Haman was the enemy. Answer: Your environment has an effect on you no matter how indirect. Haman was able to form the idea of wiping out a whole people – men, women and children – in a supreme act of cruelty. When Bnei Yisroel heard about it, it introduced the idea that such kinds of cruelty are possible, and put us at risk spiritually. Sending Shalach Manos and matanos l”evyonim reaffirmed our achdus with our fellow humans and our humanity, erasing the scars of hearing about genocide.

    So how did we, rachamim bnei rachamim, come to have such rotzchim in our midst? How have we come to accept violence – by Jews? Perhaps our problem isn’t pritzus in dress, or boys and girls hanging out together in a pizza shop. How are we being exposed to violence within our own camp – verbal and eventually physical violence?


  43. This was posted on the Baltimore community website. It’s food for thought:
    “I cried last night and hoped as I said Tehillim, that this morning would dawn to find Parents and child happily reunited. I cried this morning when that wasnâ??t so. Perhaps it is time to think why the RBS”O brings such terrible tzoros. It shouldn’t have to take such a terrible death of an innocent child to bring Klal Yisroel together. I truly hope that the Kiddush Hashem of thousands joining in the search for one child brought some zechus from all of this, but the heart cries out with the question of why it should take something like this to get us to set down the labels and come together? Perhaps we could take a moment and before we run to add another “pretty” Takanah or Chumrah for his Aliyah HaNishama, we could consider that maybe the RBS”O wants something of us. Maybe we need to work on our Bein Adom L’Chavero, on loving our brother (sister), be he (or her) Yeshivish, Modern, Centrist, Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Hassidish etc.. Yes, we may disagree on the Shita, but we can still love, help, respect and honor each other as our fellow members of Klal Yisroel and understand that there is a concept of “Shivim Panim L’Torah”. Perhaps a week before we start our annual mourning period for the Churban, we can start working on the failure of our ability in showing the Derech Eretz and respect to one another, the lack of Bein Adom L’Chavero that brought upon us the exile of this Galus and continues as the reason why we have remained in Galus for 2000 years. May the RBS”O bring Nechama to the family of Leibby Kletzky a”h. May the RBSâ??O give Shalom and an Aliya to the Neshama of Leibby Kletzky a”h. May he be a Meilitz Yosher for all of us and may the RBS”O bring Moshiach and make Tisha B’Av this year into a Yom Tov.”

  44. Lets Show Leiby The proper Kavod!!!
    Everyone MUST be by Levaya!!
    Lets get over 100,000 peolpe there!
    make it your “status” on your BB
    After such a Bizayoin Hames – We will show Leiby and the family that they are NOT alone!!

  45. Do you get it yet?
    Do you?
    Do you get that child molesters need to be reported to the police so that we can get them off our streets?
    Do you get it that if this murderer had been reported to the police little Liebys life could have been saved?
    Do you get it that every time you tell someone NOT to go to the police when there is an incident of molestation that the blood of these children are on YOUR hands!
    Do you get it that even frummer yidden, who have beards and daven with a minyan three times a day, can still abuse and even murder?

    Do you get it yet?
    How many more lives will it take until you will…..
    “GET IT!”

  46. Every single aspect of this story is tragic. Yesterday, nobody could have possibly foretold such a horrific ending. It hurt so much to hear that it was done by a “frum” yid. And in such a brutal manner. After the murder of Fogel family members in Itamar, this comes at yet another blow. But this time, its no arabs to blame. rachmana litzlan. I think that this is one of the worst stories I have ever heard.
    Umacha Hashem Dima Me’al Kol Panim! WE NEED MASHIACH! WE NEED TO BE MORE CAREFUL WITH TZNIUS! May HAshem Bring the Geuala Bimhaira Biyameinu

  47. WE first have to care about wiping our friends tears THEN HASHEM will wipe our tears.

    YBFrum – I am a Teacher who has taught in the Yeshiva School System on both Elem. And HS levels. I understand you VERY well but people “not getting it” has nothing to do with Hashem.

    He LOVES you and doesn’t tolerate injustice- clearly. The Gedolim have said re. Tradgedies in the past that these things happen because of INJUSTICE. YB Torah Observant – Frum? For Hashem because HE is AWESOME although people don’t always follow suite.

  48. i am a jew from toronto. we too have a big jewish community and we can understand how painful and scary it can feel. hashem yimqom damo mashiah has to come a.s.a.p

  49. We must do teshuvah!
    More tzniyus More protection.
    When ppl do not dress b’tzniyus the shechinah leaves us!
    Let’s all try 2 work harder on dressing properly!
    And may this be the last wake up call b4 mashiach comes!!

  50. #82 is well said. After the passage of the chukas hato’eiva in NYS at the end of Jun., so what do you expect if immorality is legalized,rithiecha also. And shame on poloticians like the mayor of the city that expreses his grief when he is a pro minuval himself, he fought for the passage of the NYS law.
    People of such are bringing Charon Aff on the world R”L.

  51. The Murderer was “NOT” a Frum Yid!

    His beard was for show.. & did not DAVEN; in spite of any appearances (of which, in his sick manner, tried to have everyone believe.) It was a sick & fake ACT which he created.

    He is a VERY SICK & EVIL messed up IMPERSONATOR.

    You get it?

  52. So #7 thinks it happened because of talking during davening (the Tosfos Yom Tov) and # 54 thinks it’s because of pritzus . Both of them have made highly unproductive comments.

  53. #96 all of Klal Yisrael are going thru a terrible tragedy, with the loss of precious Leiby. This is NOT a time for stating your opinion about whose comments are good or “unproductive.” It isn’t fair to Leiby. We should be working on ourselves, not criticizing each other’s comments. I am talking to myself as well, I do not mean to offend anyone. Thank you.


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