Borsalino Stamps Its Mark


(COLLIVE Reports) The Italian Ministry of Economy has announced that the country will be issuing an official postage stamp to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Borsalino hat company.

Established in 1857 and based in Alessandria, Italy, the company known for its felt fedoras is being cited by the Italian government for “Industrial Excellency.”

With more than 50 manual steps and 7 weeks of processing of Belgian rabbit fur, Borsalino hats have become a staple well beyond Italy’s fashion circle.

In fact, the new stamp features the classic dark fedora worn by many frum Jews, especially Lubavitch chassidim.

“It is a testament to Borsalino’s understanding of its customers’ selectiveness and commitment to serving it with its superior products,” says Reuven Kaminetzky, Director for US Operations for the company.

“Most impressive to me is that Borsalino is the first legacy brand to tailor its complete experience to the Jewish observant customer. The company recognizes this community’s discerning taste and has chosen to satisfy it directly,” he told

As Borsalino opens stores in Europe and the Far East, Kaminetzky and his partners have launched brand stores in Brooklyn, NY and Lakewood, NJ as exclusive sellers of Borsalino in the US.

“These have brought a level of style, craftsmanship and service that simply have not been available to the ‘black hat’ customer until now,” Kaminetzky said. “The positive feedback we’ve received both in terms of sales growth and customer satisfaction shows the loyalty and unique relationship the frum community has with Borsalino.”




  1. To elisheva: calm down and take life easy, denying an existing grum community doesn’t add in ahavas israel and shmiras haloshon.

  2. #1. This article was written by a Lubavitcher website
    #2. Read the article. It’s an Italian postage stam honoring Borsalino.

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