Borough Park Rabbi Settles Case With Vermont Police


The Vermont State Police have agreed to drop misdemeanor charges against a Brooklyn rabbi who had been the subject of a controversial arrest this past summer, Vermont’s Valley News reported.

Rabbi Berel Fink had agreed to pay a $100 fine for speeding in exchange for dropping misdemeanor charges of eluding a police officer. The Fink family underwent a traumatizing ordeal when Vermont State Trooper Justin Thompson pulled over R’ Fink for traveling over the speed limit. Officer Thompson proceeded to arrest R Fink, along with his wife and brother, at gunpoint. Thompson also threatened to use his taser on the chassidic Jew from Boro Park.

Fink’s attorney Robert Appel told the Valley News that Fink had paid the ticket and added that his client hoped to put the ordeal behind him. “It was a very unfortunate incident. Both Rabbi Fink and his entire family felt traumatized by the events, and they will be seeking other relief,” said Appel.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. What’s this “RABBI” business?
    When is it gonna stop? He happens to be a talmid Chochom, but since when is a Tamid Chochom automatically a Rabbi? There always were laymen which were Talmidei chachomim , & nowadays that B’H Limud HaTorah is thriving like never before , there are many laymen which are Talmidei Chachomim , to various extents. He’s takeh a very Choshuve layman , but let’s leave the word rabbi out of this…..


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