Boro Park: Ruchie Freier Wins Democratic Primary for Civil Court Judge


Ruchie Freier has won the Democratic primary in a race for a vacant civil court seat in Boro Park’s 5th district, has learned.

Freier was challenged by two candidates, Mordechai Avigdor and Jill Epstein.

The candidates were vying to replace Judge Noach Dear, who last year won a seat on a state court.

Freier becomes the first Chassidishe female judge in New York State Supreme Court history.

According to results coming in this evening, Freier garnered about 41 percent of the vote. Epstein got a little over 35 percent, while Avigdor captured a paltry 23 percent.

Freier is an attorney licensed to practice law in New York, New Jersey and the District of Columbia, with some 30 years of experience in the legal field and profession.

Ruchie began as a legal secretary, then paralegal and then continued on to college and law school, while raising her 6 children. She currently practices commercial and residential estate law. Ruchie maintains offices in Brooklyn and in Monroe, NY. She shares office space with her husband and children, who together run a family-based real estate business.

Ruchie was a community board member in Borough Park and founded an all-female volunteer EMT agency known as Ezras Nashim. Ruchie became an EMT in 2012 and is now a licensed NYS Paramedic.

Ruchie is a volunteer attorney in the NYC Family Court Attorney Volunteer Program and is a member of various Bar organizations including the NYS Bar Association Committee on Children and the Law.

After graduating Bais Yaakov High School, she worked as a legal secretary and then paralegal while her husband learned in kollel. Subsequently, as her family grew, she earned her BA at Touro College, where she majored in Political Science and directed the Women’s Pre-law Society. She graduated Touro College and then began Brooklyn Law School’s part time program.

After graduating law school, Ruchie founded Chasdei Devorah, Inc., a non profit charity, in memory of her friend who passed away at a young age. Thereafter, she formed B’Derech, a grassroots non profit organization advocating for education and opportunity for adolescents in the Chassidic Community. During her time as a paralegal and while in college and law school, Ruchie interned for elected officials, including then-NYS Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.



    • It’s a shame that Orthodox women don’t understand that the Torah wants them to stay in the back ground and not run for public office. Nothing personal but I belive this is correct and 100% Dass Torah.

  1. Unimpressed…. Are there any gedarim left for women in regards to tznius etc… Feminism and/or narcissism has no place in our torah.

  2. Ruchie is a walking Kiddush Hashem. May she be blessed to go from strength to strength. Our community is all the richer for having such a selfless woman in our midst.

  3. i have known Mrs. Freier for nearly 25 years. She worked for many years providing parnassah for her family while her husband learned in kollel. She has worked tirelessly for the religious community in Brooklyn as noted in the article including starting and running the all women’s Ezras Nashim organization so that women could maintain their modesty and dignity when they needed emergency medical care and not have to rely on male EMTs. I was a law clerk to a religious NY judge when Mrs. Freier appeared before us on a case. She conducted herself with tznius and dignity and without any narcissism or impropriety. As “Give it 10” said, she is a walking Kiddush HaShem and our religious community is truly fortunate to have her serving us. As to what we will get from her on the bench – we will be getting a brilliant, ethical and fair judge who will bring praise and kovod to the religious Jewish community for her work, service and demeanor.

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