Boro Park Organizations Apologize to NYPD Transport for Recent Incident



  1. Finally someone publicly apologizing! Thanks to all of those who took the courage to do so.We, those that try to be a true jew at all times, really are embarrassed at what went on there.

  2. Thank you to all those who took a stand and said we are sorry. As a resident of the community I was embarrassed at the actions and words of my fellow neighbors. As a whole we are much better then the actions of those few.

  3. This is completely insane, why does a non Jewish tow truck cop who’s towing someone for no apparent reason get the benefit of doubt? When a fellow Jew is automatically wrong, these guys have a habit of towing people unnecessarily maybe it’s time we said enough.

    • Nobody is saying that his tow was in the right. The response of the community at that time was disgraceful. As citizens of NYC we are obligated to follow the law. The actions of some people seen in the video are against the law. If an officer is in the wrong, as a citizen you must obey what he commands and then you can appeal or sue. As a matter of fact, not just officers but any federal employee.

  4. As it turned out the people screaming were wrong and an apology was in order. However it doesnt take away that some of these agents are like vultures waiting to pounce on their prey.

    • If you have the time, you can do a research. Follow some of the agents and document it via video or pictures. Then you can bring it to court or higher ups in that agency and have those we all hate removed. Even if the officer was 100% wrong, (which is very possible) it still doesn’t give one license to behave the way some yidden did.

  5. This kind of behavior only strengthens anti Semitism. The individuals who were involved should personally apologize and go to a class on civil behavior.

  6. Hard to tell what was so bad in the video. Looked like some guy got to his car just before it was to be towed. As wrong as that arguably may be, was that worthy of a communal apology? Can some explain if I missed something in the video?

    • It is illegal to ride away when hooked up on a tow truck. The police have all his info and he can be arrested. Was it worth it!

  7. Dear Stockholm Syndrome sufferers, stop seeking goyishe approval! Seek physiological counseling if you must, but please shut up, you bunch of judenrat apologists.

    • We’re talking about the NYPD – not the Nazis. The Nazis trapped us and murdered us. This NYPD officer is doing this job – clearing a car parked illegally. No one is forcing you to live here. Unlikely in Nazi Europe, we are allowed to leave. Honestly… calling us Judenrat apologists for not supported racist harassment of a man doing his job. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. observant jew…you obviously didn’t watch the whole video or your volume was off. the apology was for those who verbally berated the officers.

  9. Laws need to be followed, you asshole that park illegally and think it ok, it’s mot just the law. How many people end up waiting for you and have places to be. There should be no ticket system for parking illegally YOUR CAR SHOULD BE TOWED IMMEDIATELY you are a disgrace to man kind to think the world revolves around you

    • Dear Speaks the lies, in this case a car was parked by a hydrant – about 10 feet away, by the way, which would make it legal anywhere outside of NYC, and he definitely wasn’t blocking anybody nor impeding the flow of traffic. Try to comprehend an article before you comment.

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