Boro Park Fire Leaves Man in Critical Condition


boro-park-fire-14th-avenueBrooklyn, NY – An elderly man was in critical condition last night after a fire tore through his Borough Park apartment, fire officials said. It wasn’t clear what sparked the flames that left the unidentified man struggling to survive at Maimonides Medical Center with second-degree burns on his upper body and in his airways.

The blaze began at around 8:25 p.m. yesterday, in a fifth-floor apartment of the six-story building at 4800 14th Ave.

Residents were allowed to return to their apartments after the inferno was extinguished at around 10:20 p.m.

Officials were still investigating the cause of the blaze late last night but said it did not immediately appear to be weather-related.

The building’s heat was on and firefighters did not notice a space heater in the home.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}


  1. just watch the Hatzoloh and the fire dept. trying to help this poor fellow and all you hear the rescuers screaming .Back off, Back off ,Back off why do these ‘Lo Yutzlachs have to stick their noses where they dont belong?

  2. Oh please, most of those rescuers screaming ‘back off’ are totally unnecessary and are just to bolster their own self-importance as ‘rescuers’.
    Mark my words, whenever police yell ‘everybody on the sidewalk, it’s for no reason other than they want to be “in-charge”. I say let everyone stand as close as they’d like. Thank You

  3. Oh Please, Mr Boro Parker, if you saw the video of them bringing the guy out ,they were in the way,, seconds count so stand close my friend

  4. by us we push in our noses is becose we have feelings with every jew like our own brother and it bothers us when sombody gets hurt and the people that walk through a fire and don’t even look if it’s machainu that means that it’s missing him ahava yisroel


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