Boro Park: Car Broken Into, Four Sheitels Stolen


The car of a Boro Park resident was broken into last week, and wigs, electronics and other items were stolen.

Video footage from a nearby security camera reveals the burglar, who found the car parked on 18th Avenue, emptying all the contents in it – including the four expensive wigs.

The suspect appears to be arriving at the car at around 5 a.m. wearing a hood. In the video, the  burglar is seen slowly opening the window of the car as he looks back and forth, and pulls out items from it – then turns away.

Boro Park has recently been plagued by thefts that focus on shuls, businesses and cars.



  1. Wigs/shaitels are not so pashut that an isha is allowed to wear. Maybe this is bashert that they were taken in order to avoid a nichshal. If a wig looks like the regular hair, or even nicer/more attractive, it defeats the whole purpose of “covering” the erva.

    • “it defeats the whole purpose of “covering” the erva.” No it does not. Where did you pick up your nonsense from? Her own hair, the erva, is covered 100% al pi halachah even if you don’t like how she does it.

    • It is quite pashut to most of the frum world in the US that sheitels are OK. Please go ahead and follow the rulings of your posek, and I will follow the rulings of mine.

  2. Police will be there for you… to take a report after the crime already happened, that is. Forget recovery of the stolen items, and if a perp gets caught he’ll get a slap on the wrist. Why should our community support the police, again?

  3. In a way … This guy has a big Zechus, because for more women will dress with out today’s style of “Dress to Kill Wigs” and instead they will have to wear a Tichel which is preferred according to MOST Poskim!!!
    now don’t all start screaming at me because we all have to admit that today’s wigs look nicer then natural hair..


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