Boro Park Bus No Longer to Require Women to Sit in Back


boro-park-willy-busBrooklyn, NY – The frum-run Brooklyn bus company that had women in the back seats is putting an end to the practice after a reprimand from the city.

The Private Transportation Corp. – which runs the Williamsburg-to- Borough Park B110 bus – wrote a letter to the Department of Transportation promising to instruct drivers not to move women to the back.

Operators pay the city more than $20,000 a year to run the line as part of a 30-year-old franchising agreement, which specifically forbids discrimination.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}


  1. If you want government money, you play by government rules. In this country, that means no discrimination. We expect food stamps, Section 8 housing, Medicaid and all the rest, let’s not complain. If you’re that machpid, you can always fork out the cash to pay for a private bus line.

  2. Oldtimer-
    READ! BP bus pays, not the other way around!
    What does this have to do with social services? This is an unrelated matter.

  3. Rav Moshe says it is perfectly mutar to sit next to a woman on a bus..When confronted with issues of tznius on a co-ed bus, Rav Shlomo Zalman used to divert his eyes. I think it is less tznius for women to walk down the narrow aisles of the bus than it is for them to sit where there are seats…

  4. i am in a store and you are screaming in my ear and the baby is crying
    so you let the baby scream for an hour and all this
    meanweile i a collapsing

  5. I don’t understand, if its that important, sue to get out of the franchise agreement and keep pushing the women to the back? what has happened to our principles? Since when do we give up on such important and basic matters of halahcha without a fight? Can there be anything more important than standing up for what we all believe in????

  6. Nobody denies that it is muttar to sit next to a woman. The issue of seperate seating on buses is simply a necessary step to circumvent, in a small way, the real problem: contemporary modes of dress – even among the observant.

  7. add to your comments…how many times have I fallen on top of a man coming up on the bus while it was in motion…or if there are not enough seats and the bus is jam packed and you hold on for life…or passing by to get to a seat while the bus is in motion????Doing it the way of the Monsey bus makes more sense…I don’t see any one of the heimishe people considering sitting together, but we can compromise and make it less inconvenient….
    I guess we will see….
    Anybody know if anything has changed on the bus since…????

  8. YitzchokM-
    They pay the fee to the city for the privilege of operating a city bus route and collecting the fares to make their money. If you want to operate a city franchise then you must abide by the city laws and rules whether you or your passengers are Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Zoroastrians or whatever. If you want to operate under your own rules then do it as a private entity and don’t apply for a city franchise.

  9. The drivers cant ENFORCE it or INSIST on it- if the passangers choose to sit separated and segregated- no one can stop it. Being the passangers are frum – let them voluntarilly sit that way – However , if someone objects- there is nothing that they can do about it

  10. I use the bus regularly as do hundreds of people. I
    Sitting seperately like they do on the Monsey bus will eliminate the problems…I hope…
    We can try it out and see if it works better….

  11. ND-
    Being as it may, it’s still not “government money”. Besides the fact that the only way the bus can charge any money to pick up random passengers is with this kind of franchise.
    The city has a vested interest in wanting to keep the streets orderly, which is why they insist on a franchise.

  12. I personally wouldn’t require women to sit on the back of the bus but this is pure religious persecution.Why can’t a franchise that is PAYING money to the city do what they and the riders want?And I note the irony of NYC- where an extremely high percent of the women who it’s ride mass transit say they were harassed – complaining about women sitting in the back.In less enlightened cities like Tokyo they have women only train cars due to the harassment issues.

  13. #14 good idea and we do it when the bus is very very packed…not all the time, but sometimes….
    But….it’s very time consuming..if there is a crowd

  14. YitzchokM-

    True, they may not receive city money, but if they want the PRIVILEGE of operating a city franchised route they must abide by the laws that apply to it. If that is considered to be a problem, then it should be set up as a private charter bus, or perhaps a shared private car service.


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