Border Protection Says NYC Mayor Crossed Border Illegally


It seems President Trump’s crackdown on immigration applies to emigration too—at least in the case of his critic Bill De Blasio, whom Border Protection has accused of violating Mexican and U.S. laws by crossing the border on foot during a visit near El Paso, Texas.

The New York City mayor, a high-profile critic of the Trump administration’s immigration policies, went to the Texas border with 20 other mayors on June 21, after Trump signed an order stopping family separations at the border. De Blasio went to a holding facility for immigrant children but was denied entry, then went to Mexico and crossed into the U.S. to get a view of the facility.

“The mayor crossed the border with the direct approval and under the supervision of the border patrol supervisor at this port of entry,” said De Blasio spokesman Eric Phillips “Any suggestion otherwise is a flat-out lie and an obvious attempt by someone to attack the Mayor because of his advocacy for families being ripped apart at the border by the Trump Administration.” Read more.



  1. Fake racist news. Mr. DeBlasio is being persecuted because he’s married to a black woman. Mr. Trump has now stepped over the line and should resign immediately!

  2. It would greatly raise DeBlasio’s stature among his progressive base if he got arrested for an illegal border crossing.

    Between the US and Mexico only of course. Say he got arrested crossing the French border illegally, the progressives would not respect him doing it. Unless of course, he was protesting a French policy not being progressive enough.

  3. He also honeymooned in Cuba when he married her. It was illegal then but he doesn’t care about laws! Never did!


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