Book Reveals: George H.W. Bush on Trump: “I Don’t Like Him”


Former President George H.W. Bush said he was “not too excited” about the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president ahead of last year’s election, a new book reveals. Asked about Trump by historian Mark Updegrove in May 2016, the elder Bush said, “I don’t like him. I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s a blowhard. And I’m not too excited about him being a leader,” according to CNN. He also said Trump’s “certain ego” was the driving force behind his decision to run for president.

The comments, featured in Updegrove’s book The Last Republicans, mark the first time the former president has spoken out about Trump in such harsh terms. His son, former President George W. Bush, offered similar criticism, saying, “This guy doesn’t know what it means to be president.” Both father and son had previously said they did not vote for Trump, with the elder Bush opting for Clinton and his son saying he chose “none of the above” on the ballot. Read more at CNN.



  1. Meanwhile he’s doing more for America than both of them combined. The’re probably part of the CCN – the Clinton Crime Network and expressed themselves for a fee or protection. With the latest stories coming up – everything is possible

  2. JEALOUSY! And Bush did know how to be President? With what exactly is Bush a “Republican”? By voting for Hillary the Democrat in the 2016 election? By killing thousands in the 9/11 attack? So yes, hope he was the last RINO president of the US! Why didn’t we hear from Bush during Obama’s evil Presidency who blamed everything that went wrong on Bush? Because he was scared to be called ‘racist’ if he criticizes him but now he thinks he can open his big mouth and attack America’s greatest President ever.

    • “Killing thousands in the 9/11 attacks”. Since when do the conspiracry theory types hang out on Matzav? Are all Trump people like this?

      • Gemara heads, Jews with that extra daas, should be able to tell between conspiracy to truth. For the record, the CIA and the Bushes are anything but honest and faithful. Even my grandmother, an old old lady o”h, saw right through the Bushes and CIA.

  3. Bush is jealous that the respect the world has today for America hasn’t existed in his era, nor in his son’s era and neither in Obama’s era. People are questioning, if you see how much Trump has accomplished in less than a year, what happened with the previous Presidents? Why haven’t they accomplished anything except for destruction? Bush is talking from jealousy. If you cannot join him, fight him.

  4. Lots of us don’t like him. We had no choice, so we voted for him, but sure, we would have loved someone else. Someone who actually knows how to run a government, someone who knows how to control himself and not tweet everything that comes to mind, someone who is a bit more representative of the moral values that we believe in. That said, there still is plenty to be happy about with Trump.

  5. The Bushes were 2 failed presidents that corrupted the Republican party and led to the rise of Obama. The party still suffers today from their abandonment of Conservative principles.

    • Abandonment of Conservative principles? When the party has embraced Trump, who is against free trade, believes health care is one of the important responsibilities of the federal government, and above all, has no respect for morality?
      The Trumpets have no idea what Conservative principles are, they will echo whatever Rush tells them.


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