Book: JFK’s Brain Disappeared


jfk-kennedyThis is by far the strangest thing you will read today. Or any day, probably. A new book claims that President John F. Kennedy’s brain disappeared after his autopsy-and his brother Robert may have stolen it.

According to a new book, End of Days: The Assassination of John. F. Kennedy, Kennedy’s brain apparently wasn’t buried with him, and was instead placed in a stainless steel container with a screwtop lid. The container was reportedly stored in a file cabinet of the Secret Service (…ok) before being moved to the National Archives.

In October 1966, it was allegedly discovered that brain and other autopsy materials were missing. An investigation by then-Attorney General Ramsey Clark failed to recover the brain (ever), but some suspected Robert F. Kennedy stole the locker. Conspiracy theorists, go! Read more at New York Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Actually, the brain was stolen by Elvis when he left the building, and given to Jimmy Hoffa when he left the planet.

    Gotta love it!


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