Book: Bloomberg Made McCain’s VP List


bloombergPerhaps that talk of Mayor Bloomberg becoming a vice-presidential contender wasn’t so nutty after all. A new book by Washington Post writers Dan Balz and Haynes Johnson, “The Battle for America 2008: The Story of an Extraordinary Election,” says the mayor was one of six possible running mates on Republican John McCain’s short list in 2008.

The others were: Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman; one-time McCain adversary Mitt Romney; Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty; Florida Gov. Charlie Christ; Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who took himself out of the running, and the eventual nominee, Sarah Palin.

Bloomberg, who changed his registration from Republican to independent in 2007, has repeatedly refused to say whom he voted for in the presidential race.

The mayor’s campaign declined comment.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}


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