Bolton: US Sanctions Against Russia ‘So Weak It’s Embarrassing’


john-boltonThe sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States in response to its invasion of Crimea were “so weak that it’s embarrassing,” and would have no effect on future threats by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, said former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton.

“I mean, naming 11 individuals and imposing visa restrictions on them and freezing their assets in the United States – it is nothing in the big picture,” Bolton, a former ambassador to the United Nations, told Fox News’ “America’s News HQ” on Monday.

The sanctions were especially timid, Bolton explained, since Putin had “put thousands of Russian troops across an international border” and held a “Soviet-style” referendum in Crimea, where 97 percent of voters cast ballots Sunday to return to Russian rule. On Monday, the Crimean parliament formally requested that Russia annex the breakaway peninsula.

President Barack Obama announced Monday the United States would impose sanctions against Russia, expanding them to include freezing the assets of several Russian officials. Bolton said the officials targeted were “not the big economic oligarchs of Russia.

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  1. That what passes for the U.S. still thinks they can bully other countries. The party is over. China, India, and even Russia can do what they want. The U.S. is now a third-world Obamination.

    This is kind of like the 90 pound weakling throwing sand in the 800 pound gorilla’s face. Not real smart.

  2. Obama has made the “once proud” United States, the laughing stock of the World! Read today’s Oped piece in the WSJ (page A14).
    But no matter, the RINO’s will fumble the ball in 2016! As long as they’re not called the “R” word!


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