Bolton: Israel Can Serve As Model For American Security


john-boltonFormer US ambassador to the UN John Bolton was in Yerushalayim today for a tour of the city’s Police Intelligence and Observation Center, located in the Old City. The Center is an amazing establishment that monitors the Old City 24 hours a day and is used to address any potential security threats.

Bolton was with the 30 delegates from the NRA who came to Israel to Lean about Israel’s security measures.

“The number of threats Israel faces is unique,” Bolton remarked. “It’s a very complex environment from a security point of view, so it’s important that civilians like these see the nature of the threats Israel faces…

“In many respects, Israel can serve as a model for American security, which is one of the reasons we’re here,” he said.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Its a shame the Republicans threw this great man under the bus during the primary’s. He would of made a great candidate and an even greater President!


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