Boehner: ‘There Is No Republican Party,’ Only A ‘Trump Party’


Former Republican House Speaker John Boehner lamented Thursday that the GOP he knew is no more, and in its place is the “Trump Party.”

“There is no Republican Party. There’s a Trump Party,” Boehner said during an appearance at a policy conference on Mackinac Island, Michigan, Thursday. The former Ohio congressman said the President’s style is “not quite my style” and that Trump is “clearly the most unusual person we’ve elected as President.

“But if you can peel away the noise, and the tweets and all that, which is virtually impossible to do, but if you peel all this away, from a Republican standpoint, the things that he’s doing by and large are really good things,” Boehner said, pointing to the Trump administration’s deregulation and progress on negotiations with North Korea.

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  1. Who cares what this loser has to say. Let it be the Trump Party. Trumps policies are working, his policies didnt work. So who is better?

  2. So true. The GOP has abandoned its principles- fiscal responsibility, free trade, morality, in exchange for someone who fights back against the Dems in a way that no Republican has before. The problem is, he fights back to defend himself, but doesn’t understand the true conservative values enough to actually defend them.
    He has also brought into the party a whole group of people who don’t know anything about conservatism, and don’t really care about conservatism. So the end result is that the Republicans win elections, but Conservatism loses.

    • No true “Conservative” can win an election in the current environment. Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee were our last chance. No moderates or Rino’s either. Only extreme left or alt-right kooks can win. Maybe, just maybe, in 2024, Mike Pence can win the Presidency. He is a win win situation.

  3. What Boehner doesn’t seem to understand is that the reason why “the things that he’s doing by and large are really good things,” (that’s boehner’s words and he’s right!!) is because Trump is exactly a President who’s style is “not quite my style” . In other words he’s not from the establishment . Its time that the so called Republicans realize that the American people elected trump because we are sick & tired of the establishment

  4. Mr Boehner – you did NOTHING for the Republican Party while in office – and NOTHING for the American citizens – So stop criticizing a president that has done more for his citizens in these 18 months, that the previous EIGHT YEARS

  5. That’s right. There is no Republican Party, there is Democrat Lite Party. With the exception of the few conservatives and with the exception of Trump.

  6. Half blood half kosher.

    New republicans.

    Jared can. Trump knows.

    One eats frog legs the other dines with the chabad.

    We all can work today. Grunts of the past just want church glee. Its a little different.

  7. There is no Republican Party because they all became corrupt Democrats. There’s no difference whatsoever between the 2 parties. Boehner himself and the Bushes (who voted for Hillary) are good examples of what Republicans today are like.

    The Trump Party has now become the Party for honest and good American people to join.

  8. Republicans: give us power to stop democratic agenda

    Democrats: give us power to advance liberal agenda

    Trump team: give power back to the people


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