UPDATE: Bochur Stuck In Russia Finally Allowed To Come Home, Kabolas Ponim At Lakewood Airport, 1:30 PM


Yitzchak ben Shulamis, a name many have been davening for, has seen a yeshua.

After months of legal issues barring him from leaving Russia, Yitzchak’s lawyers were able to secure his release just before Shabbos and Yitzchak was able to get onto a flight leaving to Finland.

Yitzchak will be landing at Lakewood airport at 1:30 where there will be a celebratory Kabolas Ponim held. All are invited to join in the simcha, those who play music are asked to bring their instruments.



  1. Mike Tress’ legacy lives on. Poshut a nachas to see the next generations following in his footsteps. Chesed and askonus kipshutoi mamish. Operating b’tzina with no photo ops or pining for the publics attention. Ashrecha!

  2. I heard that this was done by a Mr Gross and 2 of Mike Tress’s grandsons. What a zchus!!!
    And to coincide with Mike Tress’s yahrtzeit which I believe is tonight, Unbelievable!

    • He wasn’t carrying drugs, just some bullets as a souvenir. It’s not a legal problem to take them from Israel, or bring them into the US, and the suitcase holding them was supposed to be inaccessible during the stopover in Russia. The Russians should never have opened the suitcase and the whole shpiel would never have happened. (Okay, why are bullets a souvenir? Beats me, but young people sometimes do things without thinking too deeply.)

  3. @Reb Melech HaMoshiach – That was NOT why he was detained. BiChlall not. B”H he is out and home. May neither you, nor anyone you know, ever go through such a horrifying experience. Your ahavas Yisroel, by the way, is astounding. Just saying.


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