Habochur Yeshaya Dov Eckstein z”l


candle-small6Updated and levaya info below: A 19-year-old bochur, Yeshaya Dov Eckstein z”l, was killed during an automobile accident this afternoon on Glen Wile Road in Woodridge, NY. Shaya Dovy, a son of R’ Yitzy and Mrs. Chany Eckstein of Kensington, Brooklyn, was a talmid of Yeshiva Torah Temimah and a camper at Machaneh Mesivta of Silver Lakewood on Greenfield Road, Torah Temimah’s summer camp. Medics said that Shaya had been driving the car when it spun over several times. The other occupant of the car, Avi Greenfeld, a son of R’ Moshe Greenfeld of Flatbush and also a talmid of Torah Temimah and camper at Camp Silver Lake, was taken to St. Francis Hospital’s Trauma Center in Poughkeepsie, NY, but is, boruch Hashem, fine.

Shaya Dovy had a tremendous love for learning and shteiged this year in Rav Shmuel Shlesinger’s shiur in Torah Temimah. He continued his aliyah in learning and was preparing to enter second year bais medrash and the shiur of Rav Shlomo Feivel Schustal this coming Elul.

His chaveirim describe him as one of the most well-like bochurim in his shiur. “He always had a smile and was full of simcha. He always brought a sense of joy with him wherever he went. He was geshmack and full of life,” one bochur told Matzav.com.

Shaya Dovy attended The Cheder in Brooklyn through sixth grade, and then attended Yeshiva Torah Vodaas until eighth grade before going to Yeshiva Torah Temimah for mesivta. This summer, he served as an EMT and lifeguard at Camp Silver Lake.

The Eckstein mishpacha is known for their chesed and activities on behalf of others. They produce the weekly Pirchei newsletter of Kensington.

Shaya Dovy as extremely smart and utilized his kochos to grow in learning and yiras Shomayim.

“He would ‘koch’ in learning,” said a bochur who was Shaya Dovy’s chavrusah last year. “He was truly into it. He was also chesed personified. He would anything for anyone and was always there to help, whether it was assisting the rosh yeshiva, Rav [Lipa] Margulies, or helping out in other ways.”

A true baal achrayus and a person who was ibbergeben to others, the tragic passing of Shaya Dovy has left a gaping void in the hearts of his family, friends and the wider community.

The levaya is scheduled to be held tomorrow at Yeshiva Gedolah Torah Temimah, located at 507 Ocean Parkway, at the corner of Ditmas Avenue.

Shaya Dovy is survived by his parents, R’ Yitzy and Mrs. Chany Eckstein, and 10 siblings.

May we know of no further tzaar.

Update 11:32 p.m.: The levaya will take place at 1 p.m. tomorrow at Shomrei Hadas Chapels in Boro Park. Kevurah will be held at the Wellwood Avenue bais hakevaros on Long Island, in the Agudah chelkah.

The family will be sitting shivah until Sunday morning at their home, 580 East 8th Street in Kensington.

{Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. boruch dayan emes. the roads are so dangerous up in the mountains. we all have to be extra careful in our driving. we shouldnt hear from any more tzoros.

  2. Is his father the one who makes the Pirchei Agudath Israel of Kensington newsletter?

    Izhak van Leeuwenhoek – Brussels, Belgium
    (???? ??-?????? – Tel-Aviv, Israel)
    [Isaac Lowenholtz – Brooklyn, NY]

  3. My nephew and the surviving passenger, Avi Greenfield, was just released from the hospital, Boruch Hashem. Other than a few bumps and bruises – he is physically well. He is obviously quite distraught and traumatized – and we should be Mispallel for his psychological Refuah. More significantly, we should be Mispallel for the Niftar’s family (the Ecksteins) who should receive a speedy Nechama. Our family would like to thank everyone (especially Hatzoloh) for their help and Tefillos.

  4. boruch dayan emes. the rabanim were right,bocherim should not be driving in such dangerous places may we here of no such tzaros.

  5. Thank you for not posting photos of the accident. It is unbelievable how some can take a tragedy and turn it into a “news story”, reporting on how many medics were there, how many accident pictures were taken etc.
    it is not a news story. it is a tragedy.

  6. There was a call Friday night in the Catskills with a half way down to the city to Columbia Pres. Hosp. And Shaya Eckstein Z”L, since he was the EMT at camp Silver Lake, was responsible for that kid so he went to bring him his Tefilin and was up with the kid all through today when he left the hospital to get back to camp and nebech got killed.

  7. This article is a sign of the true gadlus of matzav. It is unfortunate that you need such a story to bring out the difference between an ehrlicha site and hock blogs.

    Matzav, thank you for posting a beautiful obituary on such a special bochur. Unfortunately, others were more enamored on how the police and hatzolah responded and how the helicopter looked at takeoff. Its so sad reading reports online of such unfortunate news as if the reporters are policeman sitting by a switchboard writing down step by step of what is happening on the walkie talkie. That in my opinion is childish play. They grab on to the tafel and forget the ikur.

  8. I heard that the Levaya is at 1 pm at Shomrei Hadas and not a t Torah Temimah. Could this be confirmed ? We shouldn’t know from any more tzar in Klal Yisroel.

  9. Shaya was a special special boy. He was overflowing with simcha. He was truly mesamayach otehrs. he was a positive influence on his peers.
    the pain of his tayereh parents must be hard to imagine.
    We are suffering with them.
    we ahve all lost a gem of a bochur.
    yehi zichro boruch

  10. Shaya Dovid, you were a special neshama. You learned the lesson of chessed at your home. Your parents home is THE address in kensington for anyone who needs a favor, a nedavah, or a sympathetic ear. You spent your final hours on this earth preforming chessed. Comforting a bochur in the hospital. A bochur who would otherwise have no visitors for all his friends were up in the catskills. Your rosy countenance is outshone only by the ziv hashchinah which you are now enjoying. I have no words of comfort for your dear parents. May you be a meilitz yoisher for them, for your siblings, your chaveirim, and for all of klal yisroel, who are so much poorer having lost you.

  11. From the Times Herald Record:

    Brooklyn teenager killed in rollover crash

    By Keith Goldberg
    Times Herald-Record

    FALLSBURG — A Brooklyn teen was killed Sunday afternoon when he was thrown from the SUV he was driving on Glen Wild Road.

    Yeshayohu Eckstein, 19, was pronounced dead at the scene, Fallsburg police Chief Simmie Williams said. An unidentified 19-year-old male passenger suffered minor injuries but was flown by helicopter to Westchester Medical Center as a precaution.

    “From what the passenger told us, the driver fell asleep (at the wheel),” Williams said.

    The crash occurred just after 4 p.m., just south of the entrance to the old Davos ski resort on a curved portion of Glen Wild Road. Eckstein was driving a Ford Explorer when the SUV rolled over several times before coming to rest in a wooded area a few feet from the roadway. Eckstein was thrown at least a hundred feet from the vehicle and landed on the roadway, Williams said, even though his seat belt was buckled.

    Eckstein’s passenger, who also was wearing a seat belt, was able to climb out of the SUV. He was talking and alert when emergency crews arrived.

    Police aren’t sure how fast the SUV was going; there were no skid marks on the roadway. Glen Wild Road was closed for at least three hours. Williams said the two teens were Hasidic Jews who were staying in the area for the summer.

  12. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Eckstein L”oyt

    We join you in great pain all the way from Yerusalyim with broken hearts and tears in our eyes, sleepless night etc. We don’t have the correct words to express our agony over this sad accurence.

    Shaya Dovy must have been a great Tzadik who has the Zechus to wake up Klall Yisroel to do Teshuva. He is a Korban Tzibur, a real Kodosh, holy Neshomah.
    May he be a Malitz Yosher for all of us. May we all great Moshiach in the very near future, be Zocha to see Shaya Dovid once again at Tichayas Hamasim.

    HaMokom Yenachaim Eschem Besoch Shari Tzion V’Yerusholoyim. May you not know of any more Tzarr.

    Lets keep in mind that everything is from Hashem nothing happens by it self. May Hashem give comfort to the entire family.

  13. He was a very special bochur,whom i got to know in camp,he ran the whole camp basically by himself,and he was probally doing things for the camp as this happened.May he be a kapara for klal yisroel.

  14. the pain of loosing some one is unbearable may all affected by this tragedy be comforted and may Yeshaya Dov a’h have an aliya neshama…keep strong!


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