Bnei Brak Wedding On Shabbos


A rare Shabbos wedding took place in Bnei Brak after a newly married kallah told her sister on Shabbos night that the ring used at the wedding was not the one she had originally selected. The jewelry shop had made a switch.

A prominent poseik ruled that buying the wrong ring may have been a mekach ta’us, which would mean the chosson never acquired the ring or married his kallah.

In accordance with a pesak of the Rama that in a case of necessity, a wedding may be conducted on Shabbos, the couple was told to marry on Shabbos so that sheva brachos could be recited at the next seudah.

{ Israel}


  1. He probably was married anyway, because he had Eidim in (outside) the Yichud Room. Even if not , if they went home together they would also be married, as אין אדם עושה בעילתו בעילת זנות.

  2. although it’s true that אין אדם עושה בעילתו בעילת זנות that is only regarding the fact that there is a kiddushin for the etzem maaseh but there is no kesuba and min hadin there either has to be a new kiddushin or he has to be motzieh her right away also אין אדם עושה בעילתו בעילת זנות is only lefi certain tzdadim in the gemorah an eidim only count lefi the certain shitos חופה שאינה מסורה לבעילה הוי חופה bec. if you hold like the rambam then you run into problems since the kiddushun dosent paas for much עיין בסוגית הג’ כתובות דף עב: איתמר קידשה על תנאי וכנה סתם עד סןף הסוגיה עד: תנו רבנן ובהמפרשים שם -אין לי זמן להאריך פה

  3. This is pretty horrible. The exact ring bought not given to wear is a scandal. It might be a hardship from heaven. One never knows when an angel in our days removes our careful plan just for any other plan we must keep the utmost kosher.

    This is why this happened.

  4. I thought that a ring used for kiddushin (as opposed to an engagement ring) is supposed to be absolutely plain and unengraved. So how did that kallah notice that there had been a switch?

    Also, if they got married on Shabbos, presumably the original kesubah was invalid as a shtar mukdam. Without a kesubah, they had to live apart. So how did the Shabbos marriage help them?

    Also, is a mekach ta’us automatically void, or does it only become void if the buyer chooses to void it? If the latter, one would assume that this buyer would prefer keeping his wife to getting a better ring.

    Of course, I’m sure the posek got it right. I’m only asking these questions for my own enlightenment.

    • there are many different ways you can have a kosher wedding ring. Not all wedding rings are identical, or should they be! Wider, narrower, rounded, squared, flat, curved, shiny, matte, with a design, or without a design etc.

  5. How much does a ring cost. Not the diamond ring but the one given under the chupah. 75 dollars maybe 150. Why is that ring a big deal to a Kallah. Something don’t add up.


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