Bnei Brak: Suspect Arrested In Luxury Car Rental Fraud


A 19-year-old from Bnei Brak was arrested this week for his involvement in a luxury car fraud that stole thousands from young couples, the Jerusalem District Police said.

The scam involved customers, mainly young couples, who were offered luxury cars before their wedding, and after transferring thousands of shekels to the suspects, they were surprised to discover that they had been victimized.

The police again call upon anyone who thinks that he has been similarly victimized or injured by the same pattern of action, to file a complaint with the nearest police station.

“We will continue to work to locate the criminals, who dare to sting and deceive them into getting into the pockets of these innocent customers, including young couples who invest their money in the most important night of their lives, only to be disappointed and hurt emotionally and economically.”

{ Israel Bureau}



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