Bnei Brak Signs: Don’t Hire Arabs


bnei-brakNotices against employing Palestinians in Israel without a permit have been posted around Bnei Brak after a Palestinian was caught hiding in a yeshiva last week, causing uproar.

 The notices stated, “As is known, for a number of years we have suffered from the presence of alien workers (at one of the major intersections) throughout the day. These alien workers include dozens of members of the minority – Arabs who strike terror in the hearts of the public, wander aimlessly in stairwells and porches, provoking our children and even doing things which cannot be detailed here.”

The notices are the result of events last Thursday when an Arab worker was discovered in a yeshiva, causing hysteria among rabbeim and talmidim. Only after the police got involved was the worker removed. During the uproar, a passerby was injured.

It was further written, “To our regret… the owners of businesses in the area have begun employing Arab workers, mainly women Arab workers, officially and openly, and about this we cannot be silent.”

The notices also the gedolim who said, following the attack on the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva, “According to the halacha, it is forbidden to employ Arabs from fear of danger. We are after all at war with them… When there is a large difference in the cost of employing, they allow it even when we’re talking about Arabs, G-d forbid, and this is dangerous to life.

{Yair Israel, with Ynet}


  1. Having a Palestinean Worker with a PERMIT is considered OKAY? Who gave him the permit and did he undergo special security check? Finally the Charedei world is closing the door on the Arab workers, B”H.


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