Bnei Brak: Shalom Zachor and Kiddush for Quads


On Shabbos, the Bnei Brak couple who celebrated the birth of quadruplets at Sheba Hospital this past week held a shalom zochor and Kiddush in honor of their two new sons and two new daughters.

The couple has two previous children.

The father is R’ Elchonon Shlomo Zalman (Shlomi) Green, a 26-year-old Nadvorna avreich. He and his wife got married seven years ago.

The shalom zochor for the two boys was held at the tish of the Nadvorna Rebbe at the Nadvorna Bais Medrash in Bnei Brak.

Shabbos morning, at krias haTorah, R’ Shlomi named his two daughters: Chaya Yuta and Tamar Bas Sheva.

Quadruplets are quite rare. According to medical literature, the chances of having quadruplets are one in about 750,000 births.

{ Israel}


  1. Love the title on the invitation!!

    Mazek Tov. May the Greens be zocheh to raise all their children b’neikel l’Torah, ulechuppah ulema’asim tovim.

  2. Is Yuta a real name or is it yiddish? What about Tamar? I heard that Rav Chaim Shlita holds that one should only give his children “real” names.

  3. Oops. You chevra are absolutely right. I have total chafu rosh! How could I have missed Tamar? I guess it’s time I crack open a sefer.

  4. R’ shteinman’s wife was Tamar, so it must be a “real” name. The only names R’ Chaim doesn’t consider as “real” are some names that have only recently come into use in modern times. On his list are names such as Shira and Orly.


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