Bnei Brak: Record Working Households


A survey issued by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics based on data from 2014 and 2015 revealed that Israel has 1.99 million families, including 1.59 million families headed by Jews (80%) and 348,000 (18%) headed by Arabs. The most common surname in Israel is Cohen (borne by 180,000 people), followed by Levi (105,000). After that come Mizrachi, Peretz, Biton and Dahan.

In towns with over 100,000 residents, the town with the highest percentage of families with children below 18 was Beit Shemesh (70%) compared to a national average of 49%. Beit Shemesh and Bnei Brak had the largest families (5.23 and 4.55 family members) compared to a national average of 3.72. Tel Aviv had the highest proportion of couples with no children (33%) and the lowest proportion of couples with children less than 18 (40%).

The towns with the highest rate of families with at least one working spouse were Bnei Brak and Rishon Letzion (82.5%), followed by Tel Aviv (81.3%), while the lowest rate was in Haifa (72%). Households with children gave more tzedokah than households without children ($23 a month versus $16) and families with three or more children gave even more ($37 a month).

{ Israel News}


  1. This report is diametrically opposite to what the non religious have been trying to portray characin for decades-as blood sucking non working entities. I guess the theory that person sees his own lackings projected in others is really true.


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