Bnai Brak: Avreich Offers Free Barbecue For Soldiers



  1. This chessed is always nice to hear. Everyone should learn how to get along from these individuals. Rather than soldiers being beat up.

  2. Yup! All the boundaries between bnei torah and secular are coming down….who will get pulled to which side…..look to nachal charedi for the answer. the entire landscape of charedi jewry has forever been changed….becoming a yungerman or soldier will be a choice for every yeshiva bochur and there will be no stigma to going through army. yes, my friends, the secular have won…..

    • The choice will be, and is already sadly, whether you want to stay frum and stay in the yeshiva or if you want to join the army to get your peyos and kipa off. The fact is that no more than about 20% remain frum when they finish the army.

  3. Yasher Koiach to Aron Gross and his staff who are constantly looking for ways to ‘spoil’ our soldiers with barbecues, food packages, and other goodies!

  4. Why do you assume they are Avraichem? White shirt? I am a working Ben Torah and I B”H wear a white shirt and black pants every day to work. I also bring a hat & jacket to the office which I use for Mincha. I’m not trying to ch”v take away anything from the story. I’m just asking how do you know these good people are Avreichem (Kollel)?

  5. To the people who are being negative to this story, you should know YOU are the problem of today’s generation.

    Lets put this story into a proper perspective. Frum people giving free food to the solders who protect them. If any Rav or RY has such an issue with this do I dare say they are the issue and not the other way around.

    • If it wasn’t for “people like us” 75 years ago who fought with all their might against the maskilim and zionist etc…then you wouldn’t be frum today (assuming you are frum…..)

  6. Tottaly agree with anon5577. These ppl that made the bbq did a beautiful thing to thank the soldiers who risk their lives every day to protect all Jews! There is absolutely nothing wrong with what they did,and as anon5577 said anyone who has a issue with it is the issue themselves!!


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