Bloomy Backs Obama’s Israel Policy


bloombergNYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended the Obama administration’s policy towards Israel, just days after a Republican won a local congressional election in which dissatisfaction with the president’s support for Israel became a campaign issue.

Bloomberg was asked if he has any reservations about the Obama’s Middle East policies during a press conference in Queens on Thursday. The mayor described himself as strongly connected to Israel, and added: “I think there’s nothing the president’s done or said that gives me pause to think he doesn’t understand and feel the same way.”

Bloomberg, who is Jewish, described himself as a “very strong supporter of freedom-loving peoples around the world. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. And, obviously, for religious and cultural reasons I have another connection to Israel.”

In Tuesday’s special election in New York’s ninth congressional district, which includes parts of Brooklyn and Queens, Republican Bob Turner beat Democrat David Weprin, an Orthodox Jew. The relationship between the U.S. and Israel played a role in the campaign rhetoric.

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat with a history of endorsing across party lines, urged voters in the district to support Turner as way to send a message to Obama about Israel. Koch said voters should rebuke Obama for saying Israel’s pre-1967 boarders should be the basis for a peace agreement.

At Turner’s victory party Tuesday, Koch said Obama “threw Israel under the bus.” The voters of the district, he argued, turned the election into a referendum on the president.

Bloomberg, who didn’t make an endorsement in the congressional race, voiced no concerns over the president’s Middle East policies.

“Everybody’s going to disagree on tactics,” Bloomberg said Thursday. “I think the president has to stand up and explicitly say that Israel is our close ally.”

“And then,” the mayor concluded, “I’ll leave it to him, with some input from Ed Koch – which I’m sure Ed would be happy to give him – in terms of what’s an appropriate negotiation strategy for the Israelis, the Palestinians, the Americans, the United Nations and everybody else that has a vested interest.”

The mayor is scheduled to travel to Israel next month to dedicate a rebuilt and modernized emergency-medical station in Jerusalem. With the help of the mayor’s philanthropy, the facility has been upgraded and dedicated in memory of the mayor’s father, William Bloomberg.

{The Wall Street Journal/ Newscenter}


  1. lets see his numbers are down he didnt back turner but backs obama on israel, on the economy on taxation the city is broke and so is the usa god willing we will be rid of both soon

  2. I weigh in as a voice who does like Bloomberg, though I am not in NY state. He is a fair fellow and I believe he is on a true pathway of peace and offers our people true prosperity.

  3. #7 you dont not know this dictator as we do he is a liberal democrat in sheeps clothes and his true feelings are now cxoming out while the whole country is turning away from obama this man is defending him sorry stay in your state stay out of mine

  4. Bloomberg is wrong on any Jewish issue.

    He is strongly pro Toeiva and if he likes Obama’s policies, he is not concerned about Israel’s survival.

    He is a straight Leftist in Republican clothing for elections sake.


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