Bloomberg Would Consider Job In President’s Cabinet, Regardless Which Candidate Wins White House


bloombergSecretary of State Michael Bloomberg?

Hizzoner said Thursday he would consider a role in the President’s cabinet if one is offered – regardless of which candidate wins the White House.

“When the President calls and asks you to serve your country, you have to consider it,” the mayor said at a IESE Business School event at The Pierre Hotel in Manhattan.

But he’s not headed to Washington just yet. “I have an obligation to the people of New York City,” he said, noting he has 642 days left in his term.

{NY Daily News/ Newscenter}


  1. “he said, noting he has 642 days left in his term”

    Oh Really! Who said his Royal Highness won’t break the Law again & stay in power?!

    What a filthy Baal Gaava!

  2. oh I wish Obama would just take him on today as secretary of finance. we need a fair level headed mayor. we are being burdened with high taxes, and terrible over the top taxes levied by the current mayor. Go to Washington, nobody will miss you here. Nobody forgot about blizzard of 2010 either. Go to Washington, do what you like for Obama, Rumney or whoever gets in. Give us our lives back.

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