Bloomberg To Make Case For NYC Same-Gender Marriage Law


bloombergNYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is planning to deliver a speech today making the case for same-gender marriage. The New York City mayor has been a vocal supporter of legalizing same-gender marriage. He visited Albany earlier this month to lobby state lawmakers who are considering the issue. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn accompanied him.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been pushing the Legislature to make same-gender marriage legal, but well-funded conservative and religious opposition has struck back.

Last week, a day after the National Organization for Marriage pledged $1.5 million to fight gay marriage, Cuomo said he wouldn’t bring the issue to a vote unless he felt it would pass.

Opponents have introduced a new “defense of marriage” bill that wouldn’t recognize same-gender marriages sealed in other states.

{CBS Local/ Newscenter}


  1. That a politician who is born a Jew, with a distinctly Jewish name, should be leading the charge for publicly sanctioning mishkav-zachar should make us weep.

    All the Christians and goyishe social conservatives out there fighting against mishkav-zachar see a Jew, a member of the nation who first taught the world this is wrong, leading the way. It’s a true chillul-Hashem. They don’t know frum Jew or frei Jew. They just see a Jew.

    I am fearful for our culture if this gets passed. It’s brought down in the seforim-hakdoshim that Hashem is willing to delay His wrath regarding aveiros except for those in the realm of gilui-arayos. He brought the mabul when that generation finally began to write marriage contracts


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