Bloomberg Spending $10 Million to Defend Obama


bloombergMichael Bloomberg, the billionaire former New York City mayor, is spending more than $10 million to run ads criticizing top officials in four political battleground states who are suing the Obama administration over tightened rules on carbon emissions.

“I want the public to know what they’re doing,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “It’s very bad for everybody.”

“These four attorneys general are trying to stop the president from doing something that I think is terribly important,” Mr. Bloomberg said in a telephone interview. “I want the public to know what they’re doing.” Read more here.



  1. Bloomberg was always know to be a “big lib”.
    Now with nothing to help him spread his evil ideas, he his following the loser in chief, hoping for some attention. Sad how low can one stoop.

  2. Nebach. If its true that Bl$$mberg is an halachic Jew, then its such a shame that he is wasting his G-d given money on nonsense. Here, despite his sinful life he has lived, he could easily buy a share in the world to come, with all his wealth, but he is squandering it all away! A Rasha even when he is “alive” is called dead. What a total waste of a human being.

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