Bloomberg Says He Could Still Run if Biden Drops Out: Report


Michael Bloomberg might still run for president in 2020, especially if former Vice President Joe Biden winds up not getting in, according to people who have discussed the matter with the former New York mayor.

Bloomberg, 77, who announced March 5 that he wouldn’t run, might reconsider if a centrist lane were to open up, the reports say. The most likely scenario for that would be if Biden, 76, were to stay out or fade fast.

Bloomberg would be a voice of more moderate practicality in a field where the early campaigning has been dominated by leftish idealism. Bloomberg, estimated by Forbes to be worth $58 billion, could spend unlimited amounts to argue that no one in the race had done more to promote action on climate and guns.

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  1. Oh that would be just great. I can’t wait for Bl$$mberg to step in the ring. I could just see him trying to reason with Kristen Gillibrand & Pete Buttigieg during the debates. Prepare the popcorn please.

  2. Fake news.

    Among Bloomberg’s many faults is that it is almost impossible to get him to change his mind

    There is no way he is going to get into the race after publicly announcing that he won’t.

    From the few things Bloomberg is right about is that he has no chance of winning. Therefore he won’t run

    It’s possible he flouted his name again for the kovod and attention it will get him by the has no intention of running

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