Bloomberg: de Blasio Campaign is ‘Racist’


bloombergIt’s three days until the New York City Democratic mayoral primary and the guns are out. Mayor Bloomberg has yet to endorse a candidate, but we know whom he might not like: front-runner Bill de Blasio.

Asked what he thought of accusations that de Blasio runs a class-warfare campaign, Bloomberg corrected the interviewer, correcting, “Class warfare and racist.” Racist?

Bloomberg elaborated, saying that although he doesn’t think de Blasio himself is a racist, he sees the candidate’s showcasing of his interracial family as “using his family to gain support.”

Luckily, even de Blasio’s opponents are jumping to his defense. Said candidate Bill Thompson, “Bloomberg’s comments are outrageous. We are all proud of our families, and we should be.” Read more at New York Daily News.

{Andy Newscenter}


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