Bloomberg and Giuliani Doing Well in Polls


bloomberg-giulianiNew polls show New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s approval rating on the rise as Republican Rudy Giuliani gains ground on Democrat Andrew Cuomo in a potential 2010 matchup for governor. A Marist College poll reports 59 percent of city residents say Bloomberg is doing a good or excellent job. That’s up 7 points from February. The Quinnipiac University poll shows Giuliani still trails Cuomo in a hypothetical matchup. But now Cuomo leads 47 percent to 41 percent, down from a 17-point spread in April.The Marist poll questioned 741 city residents from May 5 to May 7 and has a margin of error of less than 4 points.

The Quinnipiac poll questioned 2,828 residents statewide from May 5 to Monday and has a margin of error of less than 2 points.

{WCBS880/Elisha Newscenter}



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