Blood-Stained Tallis Fragment Found at Site of 1940 Lodz Ghetto Pogrom


A fragment of a tallis has been discovered at the site of a former synagogue in the Lodz ghetto in Poland, stained with blood from a pogrom that took place on Yom Kippur in 1940.

According to Israel’s Channel Two, the foundation Shem L’Olam succeeded in bringing the tallis to Israel, where Rabbi Abraham Krieger, head of the foundation, said, “We are talking about a chilling and rare discovery. It bears witness to the Jewish life that existed in the ghetto and the unthinkable cruelty of the German murderers who had no mercy, and even on the holiest day for the Jews slaughtered, assaulted, and murdered in cold blood.”

In 1940, six months after the Jews of Lodz were confined to the ghetto, a makeshift shul was set up in a former movie theater. A large crowd gathered outside, but were beaten back by ghetto police. At the end of Yom Kippur prayers, the crowd swelled with Jews who had been unable to gain entrance to the shul. The violence intensified and Jews both inside and outside the shul were attacked by Nazi troops and ghetto police.

The tallis is not the first such discovery made at the site. During renovations, prayer books and holy objects were found beneath the floorboards.

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    • Not sure what you’re saying. So we should just cover-up all atrocities done against our Nation over the long galus just to curry favor with our enemies?! We should just go down like sheep to slaughter?


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