Blizzard Forces Yankees To Postpone Opening Day


The Yankees won’t try playing through Monday’s blizzard.

The team decided to postpone their home opener against the Rays this afternoon until Tuesday with New York getting pelted by an early April snowstorm.

The postponement will likely effect dozen of Jewish families who were intending on spending the first day of Chol Hamoad watching the Yankee opener.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. Anyone that needs to know already knows from other sources, and anyone that doesn’t need to know will be koched that this is on a torah website yadayadayada etc. I’m from neither category but i can understand the argument.

  2. Fake news. It never even reached an inch. The City didn’t bother canceling alternate side parking. After it stopped snowing, it was completely gone in an hour & a half. In my day we pitched in all weather conditions.

    • Kids are too soft today, especially Haredi kids. The parents spoil them beyond belief, especially the boys. They need to toughen up.


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