Blame Game Continues: Hillary Clinton Says Comey Was ‘Under Pressure’ From Rudy Giuliani To Re-Open Email Probe


Hillary Clinton has a new theory for why former FBI Director James Comey re-opened an investigation into her emails just before the presidential election.

“He was under pressure from Rudy Giuliani, others, both former and current FBI officials,” Clinton said in an interview with Charlie Rose on Monday.

Since losing the election to Trump, Clinton has railed against Comey over his Oct. 28 decision to re-open the email probe. The decision was made after FBI agents discovered some of Clinton’s emails on a computer shared by her aide, Huma Abedin, and her husband, Anthony Weiner.

Read more at The Daily Caller.



  1. Her bags under her eyes, even with her make-up lady trying to cover them, are so big, she can go shopping with them. The woman is ageless.
    What’s with that fake accent Charlie Rose is talking with? Is Sir Charles really that important?
    Hillary’s pant suit is getting longer by the day. Is ahe evn wearing shoes?

    • The pant suit is a handy-me-down from Kim Jong-Un who grew fatter (thus looks longer) since his stealing his nation’s food after Trump refused to appease him financially.

  2. Whom hasn’t she blamed for her loss, yet? Oh, yes, there is one woman in Chappaqua, who is beyond reproach. She is the sole resident of the world, who hasn’t been at fault for the election results.

    • Since Hillary is a good friend of the Queen of England, wonder if she also merited being on her blame list. Anyone read her garbage?


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