Blackout Forces Delay In Pompeo Confirmation Hearing


The Thursday morning confirmation hearing for Donald Trump’s pick to lead the CIA got off to a dim start, The Hill reports.

During his opening remarks, Senate Intelligence Committee ranking member Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) began speaking about the intelligence community’s formal assessment that Russia attempted to interfere in the U.S. election. Abruptly, the lights went out in the Hart hearing room, plunging it into darkness.

Warner continued his remarks — without a microphone — as lawmakers, reporters, protesters and the candidate himself, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), sat in darkness.
Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) called a recess shortly after. Former Republican Sen. Bob Dole, present to speak about Pompeo, sat surrounded by lawmakers and press as other senators milled around the well of the hearing room. Read more at The Hill.




  1. Sounds suspiciously like the debate in the 76 elections when just as Carter was asked what he planned to do to get the intelligence community under control the sound went dead, and the network announcer almost immediately said there was no foul play involved, long before that could have been established.


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