Birthright Participants Who Staged Walk-Out To Protest The ‘Occupation’ Use GoFundMe Page to Pay for Flight Home


A group of Birthright participants decided to walk out from a couple of buses during a trip to protest the Israeli “occupation” of the West Bank. After spitting in the face of an organization that offered them free trips to tour Israel, the activists have started a GoFundMe page to pay for their flight home.

According to the Times of Israel, eight activists walked out of two buses on their sixth day of the 10-day Birthright trip, after demanding that Birthright show them the “occupation” of the West Bank. The eight later went on their own to see some Palestinian villages.

As per the Birthright rules for anyone who doesn’t complete the 10-day trip with the organization, Birthright canceled their flights home and held on to their $250 deposit, prompting the activists to launch the GoFundMe page to cover their travel and potential legal costs. The page accuses Birthright of “intimidating participants from demanding answers about Israel’s ‘control’ of the Palestinian people.

The fundraiser was a huge success for the ungrateful activists, raising enough money to pay for their tickets and beyond – the page raised nearly $18,000.

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  1. young stupid and evil kids the hatred agains Hashem is so great they acted so meshugah.

    Hakoras Hatov is a basic middah, if one displays the opposite than you know they are evil!!!
    When one displays the opposite and sticking up for terrorist who terrorized their own brothers and sisters, that is a display of a high level Of evilness


  2. No trip will allow anyone to deviate from the planned itinerary. This is for safety reasons, managerial reasons, and responsibilities to the parents of the participants. Birthright is an open-minded judeo- culture organization stressing basic Jewish values. The least that they can do is show appreciation for the free and magnanimous trip. There are normal ways to disagree. This was not a normal and appropriate way to show disagreement. Not only did they ruin their trip but they ruined other people’s much awaited trip. Birthright should seek legal counsel and sue these protesters for endangering their lives and the lives of the other participants. It is a shame that they took the place of innocent kids who are on a waiting list for this trip. These protesters are a bunch of ingrates who shouldn’t be allowed to enter Israel again.


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