Bingo Grocery Now Sells Plane Tickets – For Just $699!


Bingo is at it again! The grocery wholesaler, who made headlines a few weeks ago for its pennies-on-the-dollar  shtreimel sale, is now selling airline tickets to Eretz Yisroel!

Join thousands of people at Meron on Lag B’omer – for an excellent price!

How it works:
1. Come to Bingo and pick your itinerary at our booths (5 options to choose from, none of which can be mixed – what you see is what it is.) 2. Provide your information – if you do not have your passport handy, you can give passport information at a later time or email it

3. Payment – Once your information is confirmed you will need to pay in full in CASH. All sales are final.

4. You will receive a voucher in the store and a ticket number will be provided to you through your email or phone number.

Happy travels! Nesiah Tovah!



  1. At least their eggs are going for $1.99 a dozen. That’s a lot cheaper than any other local store I’ve seen.

    • It’s one way-on one returns. Very strange. Not recommended for smuggling or smugglers. Turkish prison is not as good as Rikers island. If they don’t like you then they will call you a Armenian and will definitely be worse. On the other hand the low price is tempting.

  2. Don’t travel on Turkish Airlines. They are massive anti-Semites and anti-Israeli. The attempted to murder 7 IDF Navy personnel several years ago.

    And if you try to rationalize by saying that you can save money, stop and think about this:

    Would you have flown on Lufthansa in 1942?

  3. Though I empathize with people feeling uncomfortable about the idea of traveling through Turkey you have to realise that there are two very different Turkeys. Istanbul feels very Western and it is common for even chasidish people traveling from Europe to layover in the Airport. As well as this there are tons of Israelis who go there all the time, I don’t know about this year but over the years there have been plenty of frum Pesach programs in Anatolia which is another touristy secular area.

  4. I’ve flown to Erertz Yisrael many times through Turkey with Turkish Airlines. Never had an issue. Probably the best economy flight on the market. Spacious comfortable seats, decent amenities given out, decent food, solid service.
    The airport has from the nicest lounges I’ve ever been in (that’s if you can get a pass, or have a cc that allows you to enter).
    If you can’t get a lounge pass, the airport is pretty disgusting. Dirty terminals, pushy people, nothing to eat or buy kosher, and go through many checkpoints to get onto plane.

  5. I know a Jew who was severely beaten in the bathroom of the terminal. When he went to the authorities they laughed at him and said he is lucky they didn’t kill him. A disgusting terminal, full of Muslims staring at you , they make Jews and Israelis go through unnecessary check points , no food to buy and above all a President of the country that wants Jews dead. All to save a few bucks?

    • Avu shteight in deh torah that it’s a chiyuv to go to Meron on Lag Biomer??? I looked at all the kleina oisiyos but I still haven’t found any source.

  6. ביום יאר צייט של צדיק מתאספים על קברו ואומרים דברי תורה

    רש״י גמרא

    על אחת כמה וכמה על הרשב״י !!!!


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