Billionaire: ‘The 1% Work Harder’


billionaire-investor-sam-zellBillionaire investor Sam Zell said today on Bloomberg TV that Tom Perkins was basically right when he compared the super rich to Jews under Nazi Germany, though “persecution” isn’t the right word.

“The 1 percent are being pummeled because it’s politically convenient to do so,” Zell said. “The 1 percent work harder.” The lack of class warfare and envy of the rich have separated America from the rest of the world, Zell said. Read more at Bloomberg TV.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. to #3
    even if you did earn the money from a job it still comes from Hashem, you are just the messenger (middleman) to hold onto this money of Hashems & use it the right way.
    Many famous stories of people who became poor, cause they became arrogant & thought they deserve the credit for opening & running such a big company etc… forgetting the most important point, that Hashem sent him to do it & first gave him a chance to be rich & use his money wisely & assist the needy etc…

    As we all know, the nisayon of richness is one of the hardest test a person goes through in life. Everyone thinks & says to Hashem if only they were rich… they would give unlimited tzedaka…. but we all know the truth…. rich people are never satisfied & just want more…. please don’t WANT riches until you’ve spoken to someone who has gone through the difficult test Hashem put him through while he was still rich.

    a persons money is a loan from Hashem to assist him in getting through this world.

    May Hashem help everyone be happy with their portion & lot & may we continue thanking Hashem for everything we get unlimited…

  2. Will he be evaluating the rich from a higher perspective. True there are many who wake up earlier, sleep less. Maybe even a few take less than 30 minutes for lunch.

    But really, who cares if you are rich anyhow unless you are truly blessed? You can earn millions and find your future in the heavens to be a lost cause.

    So believe in Hashem. Wake up on time and work hard.

    And then, if you can, give it all back.

  3. And to quote one of the great musar masters: “People should remember that being poor is also a nisayon.” It’s also a nisayon which is more widely shared – especially these days and in our own communities. Riches do come only at the will of HaShem, and many fine people work hard and still have trouble with parnassah. We are Yidden, and we have obligations. Those blessed with money should know how to use it – to lay up stores of merit in Olam Haba’ah, not take fancy vacations or buy outrageously expensive clothers, furniture, etc.


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