Bill Would Grant 12 Weeks’ Paid Bereavement Leave To All New York Workers


A new mandatory bereavement pay bill in New York is awaiting Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature — and it would give every employee in the state 12 weeks of paid time off if they suffer a death in the family, the NEW YORK POST reports.

The legislation, which quietly passed the Senate and Assembly in the waning days of the legislative session, would be an addition to the state’s Paid Family Leave law, which went into effect in January.

The current law gives employees paid time off to bond with a new child or care for a sick relative. The bereavement provision would cover the death of a worker’s spouse or domestic partner, child, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent or grandchild. NEW YORK POST



    • why? because it sounds socialist? dont use the public library. dont use public roads. dont use social security. because anything tied to government is bad apparently.

  1. I can’t understand why the democrats are so desperate about keeping themselves in power that they will promise New Yorkers anything. Why not a year off instead of 12 weeks with all its benefits or, or, etc. etc. This sounds like they are flailing with out any reason for it.

  2. Maybe this will apply to “State” jobs, not local heimishe stores. I work in a heimishe store like a dog and never ever get any paid days off. Never. I don’t get over time or time and a half. Nothing. I have to work every Sunday, legal holiday and erev yom tov and chal hamoed. I’m not allowed to have a life. Maybe their goal is to keep me single.

    • You’re also probably not paying your fair share of taxes because you’re getting paid “off the books”. If you are employed legally, you would be entitled to paid family leave, sick pay, overtime, and now bereavement pay. Additionally, since you don’t have a “substantial” income because you don’t declare the cash you’re being paid, you are most likely collecting medicaid, food stamps, section eight, and are getting a tuition break the rest of us aren’t. If we add up the value of all your entitlements, tuition breaks, and cash you’re hiding from the gov’t. so that you can collect the aforementioned entitlements, you’re doing a lot better than you would have us believe. Spare us all the crocodile tears!!!

      • Wow, what a bitter big mouth. What do YOU do for a living? You think your so honest? What’s with that illegal curb cut in front of YOUR house?

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