Bill Would Amend Israel’s Education Law To Emphasize Teaching Of ‘Jewish State’


classroom_1The Israeli Ministerial Committee on Legislation approved a bill Sunday to amend Israel’s national education law to include a clause emphasizing teaching the importance of Israel as the Jewish state, Israel Hayom reported.

“There is public agreement that there are attempts to diminish the special connection of the Jewish people to our land. Therefore, education of the younger generation must be intensified,” says the introduction to the amendment, which was initiated by MK Shimon Ohayon (Likud-Beiteinu).

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni (Hatnuah), Finance Minister Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid), and Health Minister Yael German (Yesh Atid) opposed the bill. Its progress is conditional on a legal review to be undertaken by Professor Ruth Gaviszon and on the approval of Education Minister Shai Piron (Yesh Atid), who opposes the current wording.

During the committee discussion, Senior Citizens Minister Uri Orbach (Habayit Hayehudi) said, “For us, it is clear that Israel is the national Jewish state, which the Palestinians will never accept.”


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  1. A Jewish State means doing Jewish things, which means living by the Torah. The only honest claim to the state is as recorded in the Torah, promised to our forefathers, in a process described in the first Rashi, “Amar Rabi Yitzchak…” If you don’t believe in the truth of Torah, you have no claim to the land because you deny the base of the claim. This is besides for the debate if in our pre-Moshiach times we do have a claim. We entered a covenant – a peace treaty, if you will – with Hashem, and there are conditions. The Torah describes in great detail what happens if we don’t keep our side of the deal “velo saki ha’aretz eschem” – not a word about Tzahal protecting us – only our deeds.

  2. Of course, it should be taught as a Jewish State, that does not mean Halachic or Messianic, it means that it is the Jewish homeland..


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