Bill Would Allow Non-Religious Employees To Refuse To Work On Shabbos


The Finance Committee headed by MK Moshe Gafni initiated a bill which would allow non-religious employees to refuse to work on Shabbos. At present, only religious employees can refuse to work on Shabbos without fear of dismissal or punitive action.

A ministerial committee chaired by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will evaluate requests from factories and companies to be exempted from the new law for specific reasons. Bodies involved in state security, public health, the electricity supply and the hospitality industry will be exempted automatically.



  1. The secular Zionist government used to have a law “no work on Shabbos and stores must be closed”. What happened to that?

  2. Dear editor: “Bill Would Allow Non-Religious Employees To Refuse To Work On Shabbos”, why are you calling fellow Jews non-religious!? They are Jews and therefore inherently religious under the religion of Judaism. Many FFB do not observe select mitzvos and averos, so that point too doesn’t differentiate between groups. The only point of difference that should be identified -when applicable- is between someone who says I will sin and there is no violation against Gd in doing so & someone who sins but acknowledges it was wrong to do so.


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