Bill To Create Separate Russian Internet Gets First Approval


The lower house of Russia’s parliament has passed the first reading of a bill to create a self-standing Russian segment of the internet.

Supporters say the proposal is necessary in case Russia was to be cut off from the global internet, but opponents fear the measure would lead to widespread censorship.

The bill proposes that all internet traffic to users be routed through servers in Russia — making VPNs (virtual private networks) ineffective. It also establishes an arm of the state communications watchdog to provide traffic control and routing.

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  1. Can I make a huge remark? A little bit as an ex-Russian speaker. I think my comment would be helpful. VPNs would be “ineffective” but not because of the routing through servers in Russia but because of no routing outside of. You should know that the gov’t already does force every package to go through a Russian server because of their SORM (it is worse than PRISM of the US). The new bill will allow to made Russia like China, Cuba or North Korea and this is dangerous for its citizens. The bill stands for not to “protect” Russia but to protect the gov’t from Russians who are upset recently with the Retirement Age and else. Why? Russia has borders with 14 countries, only 5 are members of NATO (6% of the border, others are not (94%), therefore it is impossible to disconnect by default and the bill is nonsense. I told you, “protect” is a lie to brainwash some Russians who cannot speak English and think independently, it shouldn’t be here. On the other hand, I am so tired of these persons who reject any teamwork if CS:GO and don’t speak English at all like I do, the bill will shutdown them and I am okay but others who do (a few)… isn’t okay, sad, they are nice people if speak English and do teamwork.

    Anyway, the very fact that the country will have it makes the Internet weaker because if an adversary will hack “the magic button,” it could be a disaster. India lost Billions because of too many shutdowns. So for me, it looks like Russia wants to be a country of Censorship or just Dystopia. The very year of it is alarming, too: 2020, the same as the US election. So, they will “test” it before the 1st April of 2019 and turn off the Internet Iron after 2020 and another middling. Unsurprisingly… see that so-call “Internet Research Agency” and these Russian trolls that did have dirt on Hillary Clinton and help elect Donald Trump. The same about East Western Countries like Czechia (the current PM is pro-Putin). They even made a coup against Montenegro! Propaganda works, sadly: The Hijacked Republican Party is in the US, AfD is in Germany, Marle Le Pen, oh gosh, too many… All of that is very alarming and has hands of the Kremlin around. Why? Because all of them (except some not hijacked republicans) have Russian money, do work with Russian officials personally, hate the EU and NATO and want it to fall but what the Kremlin doesn’t realize if it is destroying NATO and the EU… It is against Russian interests—remember, we have two world wars before the EU and no world wars after only because of the EU—it is crazy to want Europe to be divided again and that’s the point: Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Also it drives you crazy.

    IMO Putin is just insane, he is corrupted by Power, many Russians are saw nothing except him, a generation, 20 years, I’m afraid they won’t, ever. He is a liar, worse than his favourite Trump. For example, he could say that “No Russian Military is in Crimea, I don’t do it” but a few hours later “Yes, the Russian Military is in Crimea and I did it.” Why? Because the first thing he did by the year 2004 is to take the Independent Media out. He did ban adoptions of children, did crash Russian Food violently, does censor the Internet because he is very afraid of the Truth. The Internet Iron Curtain after 2020, the first steps to censor the Internet was after 2012 because many Russians were very upset about his illegal re-election and made some protests with some help of the Internet, he took all the TV channels by 2004 and the first steps of this TV censorship were by 1999, every year Russia is at war with somebody (20+ years of wars). So if you’re a Russian and reading the Article about the Internet Iron Curtain what can you do? Well, not too much. You see, the gov’t buys Tech from China in order to build Dystopia.

    Try to leave the country temporarily, even Czechia is better currently, or Poland, or who knows, Ukraine. At least they aren’t so crazy to shutdown like India does, aren’t so crazy to censor like China does, don’t want both of them like Russia does! The first advice is: Don’t speak Russian. Why? Because the gov’t of Russia could “justify” an invasion like Nazi Germany did, quote, “to protect our speakers.” Nazi Germany did “protect” German speakers, Russia did the same about Russians. However, I should admit that it is well known that the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany together did invade Poland and divide it as “friends” because both hate anyone else so much. After an ex-Soviet country, try to get Permanent Citizenship somewhere else and destroy your Russian citizenship to don’t give the Terrible Invader any reasons to attack your New Home. I know, I know, however, it isn’t me who made it up, say “thanks” to the gov’t, Dude! Don’t be surprised to be “temporarily” stuck inside an ex-Soviet country for a very long time, to live a little bit worse or poorer, etc. It isn’t the case… Right? The case is to have Freedom and no Iron Curtain, no more or less, that’s the point.

    If you cannot leave Russia, I recommend to use Kiwix and download good English things offline, got many games and audiobooks in order to learn English and leave the country in a near future. Remember that a language is a tool like WhatsUp or Google, you always can change it and the very event of using it makes it more powerful as it does to Reddit for example. Therefore “think English” and never ever try to make a message by Russian and translate it afterwards: It makes Russian powerful, it is prone to mistakes, it makes you tired fastly. I’m very sorry if my English isn’t great because it is not my native language so it could have some mistakes. I think it is okay to have a new article but think its claim about “protection” is not justifiable because NATO is less than 6% and less than 5 countries, it is to brainwash Russians and shouldn’t be here for obvious reasons since it is a lie. The only thing that could stop them is SpaceX, OneWeb or Facebook satellites but they do have some anti-satellite weapons that are illegal to use because of the Outer Space and Space Preservation Treaties that they did sign by the way!

    But did “illegal” stop them from the Invasion of Crimea? No. Did it stop them from the interference in the 2016th US Election? No. Therefore, the treaties won’t, too. I have nothing my fellow Russians but the gov’t. If I said Russia, I mean the gov’t of Russia. The gov’t has some personal sanctions that other countries impose against certain individuals, it doesn’t touch our drugs, children or medicine! What did it recently? Crash the food and said, “it’s good.” Insulting! It always does that, it harms Russians and always blames somebody for own faults. The same about the Internet Curtain. Please don’t follow the lie, it isn’t meant to “protect,” it is made to censor and brainwash, to turn off the country after the US election of 2020 because of the Fear of a strike back. What do you think the gov’t did with the food? Blamed the US, of course, even though there is no US at all and this disaster is 100% “made in Russia.” So if I was a Russian, I see no choice but to leave because later it will be too late and Russia would be like China or worse.

    I can write even more about AR, CRISPR-Cas9, Deep Fakes, how to wipe out a memory of a mouse and some complications of a new AI, about the Singularity of 2050 but I guess you did take the point. Countries like India, China or Russia are moving towards Dystopia, don’t want to be better for a citizen but to made Orwell’s 1984 a reality. Therefore here is not too much of a choice to be fair… Even the current tech allows to make such a nightmare. Not to mention what they could do with CRISPR-Cas9. It is dangerous and very alarming for me. China has an evil AI, call Skynet, yes, like from Terminator, imagine if it will be a new Tyrant for Life that can edit your memories, put you into a fake world and rewire your DNA as it wants. Horrible! I am very upset to see Russia is going that way. I did leave it with a hope to see it Free by one day but I was disappointed after 2004, made a facepalm after 2012 and now… What can I say? Sad. I wish the country could be better than that but I guess it will be just another Dystopia. IMO every Russian should either got some things offline, like English Wikipedia or leave the country as soon as possible—Russia is unsustainable, I think—another country lost the Fight for Freedom.

  2. to Dude
    I hope the “Singularity” shows up even earlier than 2050 and that we will have Moshiach.
    Then, yes, we will edit the genome and remove diseases, and we will go beyond that.

    • See, Moore’s Law claims that a PC power doubles each 2 years but now it slow downs (CPU). On the other hand you have nVidia and AMD, they do more, so it could be sooner than later.


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