Bill Maher: ‘Unfair’ For States Like Texas To Request Federal Aid After Harvey

HBO: Real Time with Bill Maher (screen grab) CR: HBO

HBO host Bill Maher complained that it “seems a little unfair” for residents of conservative states like Texas to rely on federal assistance in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

“These places that got flooded, like Texas, okay, they have a low tax base,” Maher said on his show “Real Time” on Friday. “So, the federal government bails them out. Their governors, their legislators they don’t believe in climate science.

“It seems like the responsible folks in this country, the people who pay a little more taxes and the people who believe in climate change are bailing out the people who hate government, except when they need government when they’re in trouble,” he continued. “That seems a little unfair.

“Suddenly, socialism is not such a bad idea when you’re standing in toxic floodwater.” Read more at The Hill.





  1. Hey mr Mather it is you guys who are responsible for Harvey because g-d does this in response to your immoral platforms so let’s start deciding who has the right to place blame for these ” natural disasters “

  2. No money for Texas, sorry! Taxpayer’s money must go to greedy Obama who’s asking for: $1.1 MILLION FOR 2018 FROM THE TAXPAYERS!!! $205,700 yearly that ex-presidents get is not enough for this money hungry selfish traitor. HE WANTS AN ADDITIONAL $536,000 FOR OFFICE SPACE ONLY.

  3. I guess the US government is only for the liberal states like, Calif, NY, Ill, etc. it is not for the conservative states, so that means the conservative states don’t have to pay government taxes since what ever happens in THOSE states it is not worthy of help, so why do we have to pay taxes to the government for we should then just pay taxes to our state and they will not have to ask the government for help. Lets see if that would work only liberal states pay taxes so the government will help them only.

  4. Snide, condescending atheist Maher sneers at the great unwashed who don’t wholeheartedly embrace climate change lock, stock and barrel. Yet Maher himself is a vociferous member of the anti-vax brigade, a far more dangerous group that actually has caused sickness and death by persuading the gullible not to protect their children.

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