Bill Maher Scolds Liberals For Criticizing Trump-Kim Meeting: Obama ‘Proposed The Exact Same Thing’

HBO: Real Time with Bill Maher (screen grab) CR: HBO

Bill Maher scolded liberals on Friday night for bashing President Trump’s decision to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saying that former President Obama “proposed the exact same thing.”

“All these liberals who are reflexively hating on this, Obama — remember him? — proposed the exact same thing in 2008 and they loved it,” the left-leaning HBO host said on “Real Time.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. for those Libs any news that has Trump’s name attached to it will be OPPOSED by them – they don’t want America to be strong and powerful.

  2. Jealousy foaming from his mouth. No! Obama never proposed the ‘exact same thing’. Obama was an all talk no action guy. Obama wanted to negotiate diplomatically but not to actually meet with the North Korean President. He was too scared to meet him personally and preferred giving him additional billions of dollars to enhance their nuclear reactors, like his predecessors Bush and Clinton.

  3. Over the years I have tried without success to get the Heimishe websites to stop giving links to unsuitable sites. I believe the whole Tachlis of having a news site like Matzav is to try to give us the news without the need to hear or see unsuitable things. Why did we have to hear the Nivul Peh of this man. If you need to quote the source, so quote it but why the link?


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