Bill Gates: Israeli Tech “Changing the World”


Bill Gates told over 2,000 people at the Microsoft Israel R&D Center’s annual Think Next event in Tel Aviv Thursday that Israeli developments in tech areas like analytics and security were “improving the world.”

He said the Microsoft Israel research and development center “started in 1991, when some of the Israeli engineers at Microsoft wanted to return home but continue working at Microsoft. We decided to open the center – it was our first one outside the U.S. – and I think the technology they have produced over the years more than justifies our decision.”

“I have been very impressed with what they have done in the past 25 years, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the next 25,” Gates added.

{ Israel}


  1. Lets see the world boycott medical, technical and the most life changing thi gs that Israel produces…
    World..lets see…
    Stick with your old stuff…you can get by..
    We are here to change the world for the better, please dont cry to us when you will need our supplies..please shut your door and dont let us in…


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