Bill Fining Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Children Gets Ministerial Approval


Parents in Israel who refuse to vaccinate their kids could be fined $540.06 if a measure approved by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation is enacted into law.

The bill would allow the Health Ministry to prevent unvaccinated children from attending school if there is a concern of an outbreak and would require it to monitor that pupils have been immunized in accordance with ministry recommendations, along with sending a warning to those who don’t get their children the necessary shots.

“Now we will be able to implement the national vaccination policy … which balances protecting public health with freedom,” said Zionist Union minister Yoel Hasson, who introduced the bill with Jewish Home minister Shuli Moallem-Refaeli. “I am happy to initiate a long-term solution that will protect our children’s health.”

More than 1,000 measles cases have been reported in Israel in 2018 with 90 percent of them from unvaccinated people or those who have contact with those who have not gotten the necessary shots.

Earlier this month, a Jerusalem toddler with Down syndrome died measles, though he had experienced a heart irregularity.

“Children who are not vaccinated are in danger of catching diseases and can spread them to those surrounding them and be the center for outbreaks of serious diseases that can have tragic results,” said Moallem-Refaeli, a professional nurse. “We must respond to parents who refuse to vaccinate from lack of knowledge or ideological reasons, and bring better public health.”

Due to the latest political turmoil, the bill is unlikely to get a final vote before the Knesset is recessed. However, if it passes a first reading, the government will be required to resume working on it after the 2019 election. JNS.ORG

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  1. This is completely disingenuous. If you think injecting your kids with toxins will prevent them from getting a disease, go for it. But don’t complain about other who don’t buy that. If you think other unvaccinated kids can make YOUR vaccinated kid sick the OBVIOUSLY you don’t really think the vaccine is effective! You can’t have it both ways either it works of it doesn’t. The CDC has been proven to lie about the connection to the toxins in vaccines their their link to autisim. Dr. William Thomson who worked for them for over 10 years blew the whistle on their cover ups. They can not an should not be trusted. The big pharma does not test new vaccines for safety for more then 2 weeks and there is NO proof that injecting kids with heavy toxins like Aluminum, Formaldehyde, MSG, Mercury, Monkey Kidney and much more is safe in any way! It is also medical propaganda that vaccines are effective at all. When they introduced the smallpox vaccine in the USA smallpox want UP! in England they did not have the vaccine and isolated people and it went down. Then they did the same in America. There is NO proof vaccines ever did anything other then damage! Who do you trust pharma funds Medical school and publications that make billions of vaccines and the damage they cause, or thousands of REAL people whose kids were perfectly normal then brain damaged of killed after vaccines watch vaxed and the videos of REAL parents all over then tell me that are ALL lying and the big pharama is trustworthy???

  2. Finally they are telling the truth. The child who died had heart irregularity r”l. Anti vaxxers have done their homework and we know that measles is not deadly. As soon as we heard the story, we knew that the child was immune compromised and finally the truth comes out.

  3. Big government meddling in private citizens lives is an extremely dangerous step towards going down a very slippery slope. Where and when does it end? Bedroom? Bathroom? Bris mila? Chuppa?


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