Bill de Blasio Fights Back Against Critics Of Yeshivos


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio pushed back against criticisms that he has been soft on yeshivas that have illegally declined to offer their students secular studies.

Speaking at a press conference Thursday, de Blasio said that city officials had “engaged in a dialogue with a number of schools” that was “very productive.” Likely responding to recent harsh editorials in New York’s tabloid press, the mayor asserted that the media was looking for “instant gratification.”

“There’s two sides to every story,” de Blasio told reporters. “We have 15 schools where we went in, a lot of work was done, clearly there was room for improvement but I have to be straightforward and say there’s room for improvement in a lot of traditional schools, too.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



    • No, he does not need anyone’s vote. He just won his re-election, less than a year ago, with more than %60 of the vote. Because of term limits, he can’t run again. He can do as he pleases. Even the dummy DeBlasio, realized that Naftuli was a classic bitter shoneh upirush Moser who’s main goal is to uproot thousands of years of Torah chinuch. Moster will fail like many before him. Thank you Mayor DeBlasio for seeing thru the empty self hating jewish fraud.

      • Hey Checker, how about you check the following fact: the attack on the yeshivos would not hold on the contemporary Albany political chessboard, and would be shot down by the federal courts, regardless of what NYC mayor says. So the leftists stage a doomed to fail attack so that Wilhelm can pretend to step in and save the day. I seriously doubt that Wilhelm would have defended yeshivos if the attack had any chance of success. As far as term limits go, the rules can be changed; besides, Wilhelm probably has higher political aspirations after the mayorship.


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