Bill Clinton: Presidents Should Be Able To Serve Third Terms


clintonFormer President Bill Clinton tells MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” he thinks presidents should be able to serve more than two terms.


JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST: “So we talked a couple years ago and I asked you a question at the end about whether guys like you should be able to run again because I will guarantee you, we will get back to the office and we will be flooded with e-mails and responses on twitter, people will say ‘Why can’t this guy run for president in 2012?’ And of course you can’t because Republicans didn’t want there to be another FDR back in the 1940s. But shouldn’t it though, shouldn’t a president be able to take two terms, take some time off and then run again? Shouldn’t Americans have that choice?”

FORMER PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON: “Yes, I do. I believe that should be the rule. And I think as a practical matter, you couldn’t apply to anyone whose already served. But if going forward, I personally believe that should be the rule.”

{Real Clear Politics/ Newscenter}


  1. I disagree. Thomas Jefferson thought that the lack of term limits in the Constitution was an extremely dangerous error which, thankfully, was corrected by the 22nd Amendment. Alexis de Tocqueville recognized that incumbency can be extremely dangerous.

    I do oppose term limits on members of Congress, and I agree with life tenure for Federal justices.

  2. I completely agreee with Mr. Clinton. 3 terms gets more done. If he is popular enough (or she) to get 2 terms, then one more should not be a crucial issue. But of course, we might have had 4 more years of Bush, though Obama clearly took the election.

  3. I agree. In fact I think that the best policy is that which they have in Canada, Uk, Israel etc that people can elect the leader that they feel to be the best candidate as many times as they like. It seems to me to be more democratic that way

  4. If Clinton Ym”shmo had his way, Reagan and Bush would be properly credited with the economic successes that continued throughout the Clinton presidency.

  5. Presidents should not hire henchmen to destroy the reputations of their competition while keeping their own past secret; even their college records.

    Also, presidents should not be hired out by Saudi families to work in doing their bidding in the Middle East while the country they were elected to serve in is going down the porcelain bowl.

  6. Friends, 2 term limits is healthy & prevents what we have in Israel called “Recycled Trash”. Allowing the same handful of people, to run over and over again for office doesn’t sound like Democracy. Isn’t, what is happening in Israel, proof enough to understand that enough is enough. It has told me a lot regarding the Israeli society, by the way they recycle their trash. The American way is much healthier. If you are good, you can win a second time. Enough. Let a new fresh face continue.

  7. I broke the law & got away with it! I told the voter’s, I don’t care what you say! I’m a rich elitist & there are enough dumb Liberal’s in Manhattan who will vote for me again & again!

  8. For everyone who thinks he was saying it for either himself or for Obama, try actually reading what he said. “And I think as a practical matter, you couldn’t apply to anyone whose already served. But if going forward, I personally believe that should be the rule.”


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