Bill Clinton Cracks Racist Jewish Joke To A Bunch Of Jewish Republicans


bill-clintonHe’s known as the consummate politician, but Bill Clinton’s instincts sometimes go haywire – like when he told a questionable Jewish joke to a group of stunned Jewish Republicans, according to a new book.

The joke – which Clinton reportedly told at the 2003 Preakness Stakes in Baltimore – describes two Jews walking by a church that is offering $100 to people who convert.

“Surely the former president of the United States is not about to tell an anti-Semitic story . . . This, of course, is exactly what he does,” reported Weekly Standard online editor Daniel Halpera, author of “Clinton, Inc.”

Abe, one of the Jews, takes the cash and promises to give half to his pal.

“Hey! Look at the new Catholic here,” Abe’s friend says. “You got my money?”

The recently converted Abe responds: “You…Jews. It’s all about the money, isn’t it?”

The joke fell flat, Halper said.


{ Newscenter}


  1. So? Where is Eric Holder to scream racism for you when you need him??

    What idiots the Clintons are! Enough already. I just wish the Clintons would leave public life and get out of our lives.

  2. Bill Clinton has said and done (depends whom you believe) worst things then tell a stupid joke. Not worth the time of day to even post this story.

  3. Hard to know if this really happened as sometimes Matzav stories get carried away. Curious if this gets reported somewhere else.

  4. LOL but the joke in fact makes fun of antisemites and of those catholics who explain they are “completed jews”. The latter part is, sadly, not a joke.

  5. It is not a racist joke, it is a Jewish joke, probably coming from Jews themselves.

    It is actually favorable to Jews, expressing that they would not convert to yushke sincerely, chas veshalom, and that they have a sense of humor.

    Let us not fall in with the liberal PC thought police, who want to curb free speech.

  6. Oh, come on, it’s an old joke, and a good one. The audience must have been too hoity toity to admit it was funny.

  7. No problem here. Slick Willy’s wife, Madame Hillary, will win the Presidency in a landslide! She will get the overwhelming Jewish vote.

  8. WHY ON EARTH are republicans inviting Mr Hillary to come speak to them (for which they no doubt forked over a FAT speakers fee)???

    That aside, imagine the media outcry if a former REPUBLICAN president (and/or spouse of a prospective republican candidate) had made the same joke! That candidate’s prospects would be OVER!

    Not to worry, the mainstream media will ignore this; they’re in the bag for Evita.


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