‘Bikur Cholim’ Kicked Out Of NY Hospital Over End of Life Care


One of New York City’s largest and most-respected hospitals, NYU-Langone Hospital in Manhattan, is closing its doors to volunteers of Satmar Bikur Cholim. The hospital now bans all non-family-members and friends from patient floors.

Though the hospital said that the policy isn’t specific to Satmar Bikur Cholim, the chessed organization says that the NYU health system’s approach to end-of-life care has changed and conflicts with the Orthodox Jewish approach and the hospital doesn’t want observers witnessing decisions that are against halacha.

Satmar Bikur Cholim supporters are now urging Jews to steer clear of the hospital and are threatening to start a formal boycott, said the Bikur Cholim director, who did not want to be named.

The hospital today is “almost like a legal killing machine,” she said. “Our patients are in danger when they go there,” said the Satmar Bikur Cholim director.


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  1. It’s about time that people realize that the medical establishment don’t always have our best interests in mind…

  2. Bikur cholim should stay just that, bikur cholim. ..The other stuff needs to be handled by other people. Their job is to deliver food a smile and a kind word.If they get involved in the serious stuff and try to advocate for patients….then the result is exactly what happened.
    There’s a role for different people for different things. The Bikur Cholim is one of a kind, but they should stick with that.

  3. the minute i heard that bikur cholim was kicked out of the hospital, i knew that that was the reason, especially coming on the heels of what happened with the baby in england. hospitals dont want to be bothered. of course, they forget that,just last week, a family who had signed for organ donation because their son was in a coma, discovered that he was, indeed, alive. HaShem yerachem.

  4. I once overheard a Bikur Cholim member coming out of the pediatric ward and telling his friend, “Ich Bin Freilich az ess iz altz nisht-yidden”. This is almost as disgusting, as Rabbi Malach’s speech at the RCCS where he wanted to explain why RCCS has a Goyishe name (listen to it on you-tube). If they’re bigots they don’t belong in the hospital; it was Hashem, the Creator of all Humans, that kicked them out.

  5. Just went through end-of-life care with my father A”H. Every word is true. Hospitals are the new “killing grounds”.

  6. Hospitals are governed by revenue stream. The Charedi tzibur should respectfully and unequivocally let our voices be heard. Speak to your Rov shlita and seek guidance immediately.

  7. The hospital MUST be boycotted! The Frum doctors that work there should be boycotted as well. We must teach them a lesson.

  8. Why don’t we have a protest rally and declare this hospital is racist. You will see how fast the hospital changes it’s tune. Many years ago in the early seventies Maimonides hospital in Boro park refused to hire orthodox jewish doctors. Yes your all surprised. Well chal hamoed several hundred of us protested. And it worked.

  9. calm down , most of this has been worked out , which company would let outside people convince their customers to go elswhere ….


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